BONOSS Bodykits for BMW M3 G80

As a professional auto parts company that always pays attention to the launch of BMW’s new cars, BONOSS has already prepared all products for BMW M3 G80, from exterior parts wheel spacers, Grade 12.9 Forged Bolts, Shell Bolts to high-performance Competitive Titanium Alloy Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion Kit, BONOSS Relying on abundant design experience, accurate measurement data and strong product performance, it has been silently providing suitable parts for the models of major brands and has become the high-end brand choice of BMW owners for decades.

Last time, we have talked about some body kits for BMW G80 M3, what else is fit for BMW M3 G80? As a high-end titanium alloy product among BONOSS products, its lightweight material performance and strong mechanical properties have been favored by many BMW customers. After all, BMW M3 G80 needs to be equipped with higher performance wheel accessories to demonstrate its noble status. The following two types of titanium alloy products are BONOSS’s best-selling products:

BONOSS Forged Titanium Lock Wheel Bolt 1100 Series

BMW locking wheel bolts, like a bolt whose material is titanium alloy, BONOSS decided to give it more added value. Gasket-type bolts have always been the highlight of major car manufacturers. The key is that small gaskets play a big role. On the market, the stock rims may have PCD machining deviation. The gasket can solve the lateral shear problem caused by the inaccurate data of the rims, and buffer the sheer force to protect driving safety. The highlight of this product is anti-theft. The Heptagon Anti-theft function makes thieves daunt, and it is equipped with a special anti-theft socket for installation. The titanium alloy material achieves a perfect combination of lightweight and high strength. The color of the 1100 series titanium alloy bolt is the original color and nitrogen-blue.


The highlight of wheel stud conversion, as an exclusive product of European cars, is to solve the method of installing rims. Using the axle head structure of American and Japanese cars to transform European cars, solves the problem of using disassembly rods to install wheels in the past. BONOSS designed a titanium alloy wheel stud conversion product on this basis, specifically for European brand vehicles, including a large number of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW owners inquiry products.

BMW M3 G80 install BONOSS titanium wheel stud conversion kit (4)

BONOSS Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion Kit

If the titanium alloy anti-theft bolt mentioned above is a more cost-effective product, then this Ti6A14A titanium alloy BMW stud conversion is the winner among similar brand products. The simple and violent appearance reflects the effect of stud conversion vividly, compared with other materials. The advantages of titanium alloys are prominent, worry about a fracture? It does not exist, after SUV and SGS testing, the tensile strength has reached 1040Mpa, which is suitable for the use of various road conditions. Titanium alloys are widely used as aerospace, aircraft parts, medical treatment, etc…. but they rarely appear in daily life.

Because of the expensive raw materials and complicated production processes, titanium alloys only appear in medical treatment, jewelry and some high-stress in car parts, it’s like BMW stud conversion. Customers who love the culture of modification often hesitate on various parts, and the best choice is not to choose the best materials within their own capacity? At the same time, this stud conversion extends the length of the bolt to make it long enough to install the wheel spacers, but the original length is domineering and exposed. In the past cases where BMW owners chose stud conversion, most of them used the combination of stud conversion and wheel spacers. The full appearance and mechanical wheel details make BMW more sporty. In the details, BONOSS printed the logo on the surface of the product, integrating the brand belief into each product.

BMW M3 G80 install BONOSS titanium wheel stud conversion kit (2)
BMW M3 G80 install BONOSS titanium wheel stud conversion kit (3)

In the previous installation case, a BMW 5 Series F10 customer choose a kit of BONOSS Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion, let’s see how to install the wheel stud conversion and the shot after installation.

Each of the above BONOSS products is fit for the 2021 BMW G80 M3, welcome to consult. We welcome BMW customers who purchase BONOSS products to share their stories with BONOSS in the form of images and videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. This can also be the experience of car modification, such as wheel kits, brake modification, aero kit upgrades, suspension systems, etc….will show your car to more friends. Up to 10 years that far exceeds the period of most brands.