2022 BMW i4 Wheel Spacers, What Does A Spacer Do For Wheels

How to install BMW i4 wheel spacers? Are BMW i4 spacers safe? What are the best wheel spacers for BMW i4? With the release of the all-new sporty electric vehicle-BMW i4, these topics have become popular. Wheel spacers are used to widen the track of cars, trucks, or SUVs. They are also commonly used to fix backspacing and clearance issues. Properly spacing out your wheels makes sure that your tires fit in the wheel arches safely. Improperly spaced wheels can rub against your brake calipers, your shocks, or even your fenders, causing potential damage or even a crash. Whether it is the problem of the big wheel ET/offset or the rubbing issue of adding a big caliper, it can be easily solved by BMW spacers. Drive with 10+ wheel spacers manufacturing experience, having witnessed countless successful cases, we have the confidence to say that as long as the spacers you buy are reputable and made of top quality material, wheel spacers are completely safe when installed correctly with care and patience. (Above picture from bmwusa.com)

bmw wheel spacers 10mm wheel spacers 5x112 bmw i4 wheel spacersHow to Install BMW i4 Wheel Spacers Safely?

Properly installing these BMW 5×112 wheel spacers is paramount to ensuring the safety of your vehicle. Please follow our BMW wheel spacers installation guide. Typically, it is not recommended that you try installing them on your own if you are not a professional or under the guidance of a Qualified Mechanic. The wheel spacers need to must be properly torqued to manufacturer-recommended torque specs. This means making sure the spacer, wheel, and hub assembly are secured enough to where they don’t get loosen. Untightened lug bolts or overtightened lug bolts will cause most lugs failures. Find a suitable balance in the level of tightness and the stud will remain strong, providing the greatest possible force to keep the wheel attached to the hub.

What Are the Best Wheel Spacers for BMW i4?

Quality means everything in BMW i4 wheel spacers. While you may consider that a simple and cheap wheel spacer is “just enough to use”, the fact is, lower quality means lower safety. Never skimp on price and end up with unsafe low-quality spacers. The quality is always a huge deal when it comes to the components you add to your car. In the market, wheel spacers made from aircraft-grade (or higher) aluminum are the basis of quality spacers. When you find a reputable store, you’ll find that they use 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 billet aluminum as the material of spacers. This ensures strength, service range, and safety as well as high resistance to corrosion. If the store you’re buying from can’t confidently say that it uses aircraft-grade 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 billet aluminum, you should probably find the nearest exit. Although, many stores claim that they are selling 6061-T6 aluminum spacers, but they are not made by the forged process. In fact, they are cheap casting spacers. Forging, at any time, provides higher performance spacers than casting. It further enhances the hardness and toughness of the spacers. With the same material and cost, the strength and safety of forged spacers are far higher than casting ones.


Where to Buy BMW 5×112 Wheel Spacers?

BONOSS has 3mm-25mm BMW i4 wheel spacers in stock (popular thickness like 5×112 15mm spacers, 5mm spacer 5×112, 5×112 20mm spacers…). For your BMW i4 wheel upgrades, aluminum wheel spacers are just perfect for either daily use or performance racing events. They are strong as steel but much lighter than steel. Since quality is a crucial part of wheel spacer safety, BONOSS only uses high-grade forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 billet aluminum alloy material for higher performance and safety. After the forged process, the structural strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance are improved greatly: Tensile Strength≥310Mpa (AL6061-T6), Tensile Strength≥572Mpa (AL7075-T6), Yield Strength≥275Mpa (AL6061-T6), Yield Strength≥503Mpa (AL7075-T6). BONOSS carries all kinds of spacers from our independent production department, customized service is available, completed only in 1-3 days, 3mm-160mm thick, 130mm-350mm dimension is available, OEM/ODM is available. Popular custom cases like BMW wheel adapters 5×120 to 5×112, Mercedes to BMW wheel adapters, Audi to BMW wheel adapters, 72.56 to 74.1 adapter… And, if you meet any problem with the selection, we have a support team that consists of professionals ready to help.

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