BWM X3 is a small luxury compact SUV that has long been at the top of Edmunds’ ratings. Although the upcoming 2022 X3 doesn’t have many differences compared with the previous generation, its quiver handling and powerful turbo engines deserve attention. Another exciting point for people waiting for his new car is the modification with aftermarket accessories. When it comes to aftermarket accessories, while gutsy brake kit, rugged wheel, air shock, and wide-body kit are frequent components, wheel spacers seem to be misunderstood because they are not necessary for vehicle. Besides the basic function on aesthetic, when you urgently need to solve the problem such as rubbing issues caused by bigger upgraded accessories, or the vibration problem led by high aspect ratio, wheel spacer is a perfect choice. If you want to get more information about its safety and function,  this article will be written in three aspects, just read on.

Will They Cause Vibration While Driving?

As long as you pick the right size and install them according to the instruction, they will not cause vibration problems. The majority of failure cases of adding wheel spacers are the consequence of the wrong size and the wrong installation. To ensure the proper size that matches your stock axle and wheel perfectly, you should confirm the specs of your vehicle. Even though 2022 BWM X3 hasn’t revealed its data yet, we can take the previous generation for example.

Spec Of 2021 BMW X3

·Bolt Pattern: 5×112

·Center Bore: 66.5mm

·Thread Type: 14×12.5

·Thread Length: 27mm

These data can be easily found in your car’s manual handbook unless you have your factory components upgraded. If you have added some modifications to your vehicle, you’d better turn to a professional for help. Random measurement may lead to terrible damage. Besides, installation is also what will be ignored. Have you done the preparation and post-inspection work? Have you tightened them with the appropriate torque? Even a small detail may affect the final result. For instance, from the thread type of X3 we can know the torque should be nearly 140Nm/103 Ft-tb. This figure is not rigid and will be a bit different for each vehicle. As long as you hear a “Click” when you use the torque wrench, the bolts are in place. The safest way is to launch your car to recheck the wheel. The repeat torque to the wheel spacers is thought to be sane. Such inspection is also necessary before you plan to drive a long distance.

BONOSS-forgd-lightweight plus-wheel-spacers-BMW X3-5×112-66.5mm-by-rongyan

Will They Rub My Wheel Or Axle?

It depends on the quality of the wheel spacers you purchase. The low-quality wheel spacers behave badly on durability, yield strength, tensile strength, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance. An unqualified production process leads to a rough surface, which will severely rub against your axle and wheel. And the wheel spacers with poor durability can’t wear the strong stress while driving. The harm is self-evident. Therefore, if only you don’t cut corners on the expanse of wheel spacers and choose a trusty brand, you are safe. Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are first-class materials so far.  Additionally, the forging process is generally better than casting for the better purity and the outstanding precision of products. BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers have the precision of 0.02mm, and the patented technology “active cooling” is the world first, aiming to improve the efficiency of heat dissipation. Don’t believe that pie will fall in the sky. Professional and safety are always the premises, and also the convince of BONOSS work.

Are They Illegal In My District?

Good question. This is a realistic factor related to your modification. This question cannot be generalized because every area has its specific regulation. The national lawsuit will not be so specific to tell you the legality of wheel spacers, so you need to know the relevant local policies in real time. The simplest way is to consult the manufacturers because they need to lay out their production and sales according to policies. BONOSS also provide such consultation service because we have engaged in OEM and ODM high-strength wheel spacers since 2007. Welcome to contact us if needed.