How big of 2022 Ford Mustang wheel spacers are safe? From our large number of installations, 25-50mm thick wheel spacers are a reasonable and safe choice for the 2022 Ford Mustang. For each actual installation, we take a series of measurements (the distance from the outer tire wall to the fender, the length of the stud on the axle rotor, the thickness of the brake caliper and the size of the suspension kit). The thickness of the wheel spacers you selected depends on what style you want your Mustang to be.

Will 2022 Ford Mustang wheel spacers cause my wheel studs to bend? No. In the auto manufacturer’s design, the load from the wheel is transferred to the axle/hub through the close-contact hub centric connection. The wheel studs only play the role of assisting the tires to rotate centric the axle, and cannot play the load-bearing role. Generally speaking, wheel studs may bend and deform only if the wheel nuts are not tightened correctly.

Some Key Points About The Safety Of 2022 Ford Mustang Wheel Spacers.

  1. Is the rigidity of the wheel spacer sufficient?

Normally, if the wheel, axle and wheel spacer are stiff enough to maintain the connection and structure, then there should be no problem with the wheel assembly. Among them, the stiffness of the wheel spacer is something we can choose. When choosing 2022 Ford Mustang wheel spacers, choosing well-known, good quality brands is the way to get safe and secure. Here is our BONOSS data:

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  1. So is it possible to bend and lose clamp force when the stiffness is sufficient?

Possibly, most wheel studs and lug nuts fail due to being under tightened or over tightened. If the studs cannot reach the predetermined torque or exceed the elastic limit for a long time, their service life will be shortened. Therefore, it is very important to install the wheels and spacer correctly. Our BONOSS spacer is equipped with ISO Grade 12.9 wheel studs and ISO Grade 10 wheel nuts. As long as you install them correctly, your pony will be definitely safe.

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  1. Are 2022 Ford Mustang wheel spacers hub centric?

When the car is running, if the CB of the wheel and the step of the axle are firmly connected, the external force will only load on the axle, and the stress applied to the wheel studs will not change much. Unless the vertical component of the external force applied to the wheel is so great that the clamping force is not enough to hold the tire in place, in which case the wheel will slide on the axle. This is where the stud is subjected to bending and shearing forces, yielding and even breaking.

Therefore, it is important to choose a high-precision hub centric design wheel spacer. The data accumulated by the long-term actual installation will not be deceived. We BONOSS use the most accurate data to overcome the problem of matching degree reduction caused by tolerance. With the high quality of spacer material ensures your driving safety.

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