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Are 2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers good or bad? How to choose the good 2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers? In the first two GMC Sierra series blogs, you must have read about how Sierra spacers can improve your truck, so the remaining questions are that are they good or bad for your Sierra, and how to select good 2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers.

What I’m trying to say is that if you install GMC Sierra wheel spacers correctly, and you choose top-quality spacers, they can be the perfect solution to your vehicle’s problems. The quality and material selection of good wheel spacers we covered in the first article 2022 GMC Sierra Wheel Spacers, Some Things You Need To Know Before Order. Then let’s talk about other factors that need attention.

You can see many auto professionals on the web expressing their views on the insecurity of using wheel spacers. Now, we’ll cite some dangerous perceptions and show you how to pick good 2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers.

Correctly Installing 2022 GMC Sierra Wheel Spacers Is A Critical Step In Keeping Your Tires From Falling Off!

Many people believe that using wheel spacers will eventually cause the tires to fall off. There may be many others who say they have seen this terrible thing happen with their own eyes. However, what I’m trying to say is that the reason for the tires to fall off with wheel spacers is definitely not because you are using high-quality and scientifically designed spacers. The following are possible causes of tires falling off under the quality of the spacers is good enough:

  1. Whether the GMC Sierra wheel spacers are installed correctly? Wrongly fitting auto parts doesn’t just make wheel spacers a hazard, it makes every auto accessory you install a ticking time bomb. Did you meet the torque requirements for both sets of wheel studs and lug nuts when installing Sierra spacers? Exceeding or lowering the torque requirement will reduce the fixing force of the wheel studs and lug nuts to the wheels, which is very likely to cause the lug nuts to fall off or deform and break during the rotation of the tire.
  2. Did you check the stud length after installing the Sierra spacer? When you install thinner wheel spacers, the part of the wheel studs protruding from the spacers is likely to hit the wheel hub, resulting in a firm hub-centric structure that cannot be achieved. And all the pressure from the car body will be transferred to the wheel studs. Wheel studs are not designed to bear a vehicle’s weight. So they will break down as time goes by. If you install slip-on wheel spacers that are too thick and the wheel studs are not enough long, the lug nuts cannot be screwed the required number of turns which makes the insufficient fixing force to the tire, and the strong external force can easily cause the tire to fall off.

So my advice is to choose bolt-on and hub-centric design 2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers to fit correctly on your truck. Use a torque wrench instead of an impact gun or a cross wrench to tighten the wheel nuts. And pay attention to whether the wheels of the spacers are shaken or make abnormal noise, and judge whether the length of the wheel studs is appropriate. These are all key factors in ensuring your wheels don’t fall off while your truck is on the roads.