2022 gmc sierra wheel spacers--bonoss

How to check 2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers to make sure driving safety? What will happen when your spacers fail? In theory, wheel spacers should be permanently available after being installed. But even a vehicle needs to be checked regularly, not to mention small auto parts? Therefore, regular inspections are necessary to ensure your safe driving. Today we’re going to talk about how to check with 2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers efficiently.

What Causes The Wheel Spacers Damaged And What Happens When They Fail?

Let’s first talk about what causes wheel spacers to be damaged. Structurally, the bolt-on and hub-centric design of the wheel spacers are very safe in the way they are mounted on the axle hub and in maintaining the car body’s inherently stressed structure. It is theoretically safe to come to wheel spacers themselves. However, the wrong installation can make the safe spacer dangerous. Common installation mistakes are 1. Lug nuts are not fixed with torque requirements. 2. Poor quality aftermarket lug nuts or wheel studs are used. 3. There is some dirt or rust on the Axle rotor, which causes the spacers not to be installed flush with the axle rotor. 4. The protruding stud prevents the wheel from being in close contact with the spacers.

Incorrect installation of the first two points will result in the lug nuts and wheel studs not being able to generate enough tightening force against the tire. During road driving, the bumps of the tire may cause the lug nuts to slip off or the wheel studs to break, resulting in the danger of the tire falling off. The latter two points will prevent the spacers and tires from rotating flush with the axle hub, which is very dangerous. This will not only cause the wheel shaking and tire to fall off, but also may cause excessive wear and failure of the wheel bearing.

Failing wheel spacers and tires can lead to very serious accidents, and it can really leave you and your passengers facing unimaginable consequences. So it is very necessary to check wheel spacers and tires regularly. Don’t worry, checking wheel spacers and tires is really really easy.

2022 gmc sierra wheel spacers--bonoss

How To Inspect Your 2022 GMC Sierra Wheel Spacers And Tires?

Checking your vehicle’s wheel spacers and tires is very simple. First, park your Sierra on a flat spot to see if the vehicle is level, and run your foot on the tires to see if all four tire pressure are properly inflated. Generally speaking, the current vehicle can check the tire pressure through the central control panel. If the visual appearance is very normal, then we can start the next inspection.

Use the jack to lift your vehicle, remember to use the jack stand to ensure safe operation. Then remove the tire and inspect the lug nuts and wheel studs for deformation or looseness. Observe whether the wheel hub is clashed by the protruding spacer part of the wheel studs. If so, it means that the wheel studs are too long, so that the wheel spacers cannot form a stable hub-centric structure with the wheel. Secondly, remove the Sierra wheel spacers and see if there are cracks and warping on the surface of the spacer. If so, please stop using the spacer immediately and contact the manufacturer of the spacers to discuss the warranty solution. Finally, check the overall rust condition of the wheel assembly, especially if you are in a humid area, rust problems are likely to cause a loss of strength in many components. Generally speaking, we recommend that you do the inspection of wheel spacers every 6 months, and we recommend that you do the tire pressure check every time before and after using the vehicle. Driving safety always comes first.