The Honda Accord, as the representative model of the Honda brand, is well received by consumers. Since the tenth-generation Accord was launched on the market, it has held the top-selling position of the midsize sedan for a long time. This new generation still upholds its reputation for reliability, safety, and value. As we can know, the 10th generation Accord with a lower, wider stance, and a lighter and more rigid unibody structure. So are 2022 Honda Accord wheel spacers worth it? If you dream of a better appearance and performance of your 2022 Honda Accord, these wheel spacers are definitely a good option instead of a new set of bigger but expensive tires. This is an article about the 2022 Honda Accord and wheel spacers matched, so I’ll introduce the 2022 Honda Accord firstly. (illustration from

2022 Honda Accord Pricing:

The price of the 2022 Honda Accord will start at $25,000 with some of which is predicted by some industry insiders. And the premium Touring trim will be about $37,000, this price might not sound like an Accord’s. What’s in between are a few other options like the Sport and mid-range EX-I, you can pick the one that best suits your taste and your budget.


2022 Honda Accord Review:


  1. Engines powerful and fuel-efficient.
  2. Interior cavernous and upscale materials.
  3. Roomy cabin and big trunk.
  4. Sporty handling makes it fun to drive.
  5. Many advanced driver safety aids come standard.


  1. Notable road noise.
  2. Infotainment screen could be bigger

All-new from the ground up, the 10th generation Accord is built on a new platform with a lower, wider stance, a lighter and more rigid unibody structure; a lighter and more sophisticated chassis; three advanced new power units, including Accord’s first-ever turbocharged engines, a new 10-speed automatic transmission and a third-generation two-motor hybrid system.

BONOSS 2022 Honda Accord Wheel Spacers

We provide 2022 Honda Accord wheel spacers(also the 2018+ Honda Accord wheel spacers) in the specific wheel pattern, proper the center bore, PCD, and studs type. Installation of spacers can provide you not only the more aggressive stance of your car body but a more stable driving experience. Now you may ask me, with so many brands of wheel spacers on the market, why should you choose BONOSS?

BONOSS Characteristics:

☆Top Professionalism: BONOSS was founded in 2007(formerly Bloxsport), which focuses on manufacturing high-standard wheel spacers. We have witnessed countless successful cases on 100,000+ cars in this 10+ years of wheel spacers manufacturing experience.

☆Advanced Design: BONOSS has the global pioneer active cooling tech. You can find the cooling grooves, the aerodynamic arc-shaped design, and the air trap groove in our BONOSS 2022 Honda Accord wheel spacers, which can effectively improve the cooling efficiency. This technology is the world’s first technology and has technology patents in many countries.

☆Top Material: BONOSS 2022 Honda Accord wheel spacers are made from high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy (6061-T6 or 7075-T6), lightweight, forged. And the black hard anodized for durability and corrosion protection. The matching bolt(or stud) and nuts achieve grade 12.9 and grade 10 respectively, and passed many tests like the SGS two million times limited life range test, the SGS TUV performance test, Tensile test, the SGS TUV chemical composition analysis test, and the 192H neutral salt test and so forth.

☆Perfect Measurement: In this era of data, our BONOSS still insist on independent measuring and mapping under the premise that a lot of basic data has already been made public. If we don’t do that, but to design and manufacture products using already public data and rough precision solutions, we can not meet the promise that BONOSS always provides customers with high-precision, more reasonable, and more reliable products.

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BONOSS Note: wheel spacers can only be used with wheels that have cut-out(facing the hub) to clear the stock studs, please check as follows: original stud length minus spacer-thickness excess stud length.

Short Data about 2022 Honda Accord  Tools We Need
Center Bore: 64.1mm ·Jack and Jack Stand
PCD: 5×114.3 ·Torque Wrench
Wheel fasteners: Lug nuts ·Extension Rod
Wheel Tightening Torque: 108Nm ·Lubricating Spray and Rag
Thread Size: M12×1.5 ·Sand Paper(400 grits)

[Editor’s note: the following information is based on last year’s 2021 Accord. We expect the 2022 model will have a similar lineup and we’ll update this section once we have complete and exact information.]