The new 2022 Honda CR-V will hit the auto market soon. At that time, there will be a lot of demand for after-sales accessories, and all related automakers, parts dealers, and retailers will seize this opportunity. Maybe you have good eloquence and can make many car owners pay the bill, but what really turns customers into core consumers depends on the quality of your products. If you are still looking for an OEM partner with high standards of quality assurance, a high level of production efficiency, years of production qualifications, and strong research and development capabilities, then congratulations, you can stop seeking. Because BONOSS OEM Service is your best choice.

Why Choose BONOSS 2022 Honda CR-V OEM Wheel Spacers Service?

Wheel Spacers And Lug Nuts Production Qualification.

BONOSS has more than 10 years of experience in the production and sales of wheel spacers and lug nuts and has witnessed the success of countless cases and no any accidents. So, you can completely trust our BONOSS production qualification. Moreover, whether it is the products we sell or the products we provide OEM service, our BONOSS provides an independent 10-year warranty. If you do not have a design and production plan, we can help you. Our experience is definitely rich enough to provide perfect design solutions and high-precision matching for any car model.


The Production Efficiency Of Wheel Spacers And Lug Nuts.

In the current fierce market competition, time and production efficiency are crucial factors. For example, you cooperate with an OEM manufacturer before the 2022 Honda CR-V goes on sale. But when Compass is already on the market they did not deliver the goods to you, then you will lose the huge profits brought by the first batch of customers. BONOSS has multiple independent factories, which can arrange the construction period reasonably. The speed and efficiency of production are guaranteed at the source stage, so there will be no product delays caused by queuing and other construction periods. BONOSS can help you get popular products for the first time and catch up with the big trends.


The Quality Assurance Of OEM Wheel Spacers And Lug Nuts.

This is the fundamental advantage of BONOSS OEM wheel spacers. compared with casting ones of other competitors, forged OEM 2022 Honda CR-V wheel spacers and lug nuts have more pure elements and more precise surfaces. Compared with stainless steel of other OEM services, the aerospace aluminum alloy has lightweight, has good heat dissipation capacity, and excellent corrosion resistance ability. AL 6061-T6/7075-T6 OEM Honda CR-V wheel spacers mean less rubbing against the axle, studs, and rim of the 2022 Honda CR-V. And the lightweight can reduce the load to bearing and leave more GVW(gross vehicle weight) of Compass for other modifications. Products with high performance always value more than their price.


Supporting Research And Development Capabilities, And World Patents Of OEM Service.

All of BONOSS high-performance wheel spacers are produced with the hub-centric design that is considered the safest on the market. We have mastered the dimensions of the stock wheel and axle rotor of the Honda CR-V and various models. They are real data obtained through actual measurements. We never do copy from the network data and directly produce.BONOSS-wheel-spacers-oem

In addition, BONOSS has a global patent-“Active Cooling Technology”, which enables the spacers to have the function of active heat dissipation and further improves the safety of users. BONOSS also has mature production experience for anti-corrosion processing, and skillfully uses black hard anodized technology. Black hard anodizing is a natural oxidation reaction, which will create a stable coating on the surface to protect spacers from moisture, mud, and dust in daily driving. the hard anodizing tech used on the lug nut can also protect the diverse-color coating. Besides, the natural reaction is not harmful to humans. Our BONOSS has very strong technology, independent research, and development capabilities. If there is technical demand, we can provide very beneficial help.

BONOSS’s professional and creative technology will give your goods more safety and a good reputation. Any thickness and specs are available. The production will be completed in 1-3 days. Information about materials, processes, certificates, and staff is all open and transparent. Warranty is provided in 10 years. Welcome to browse our products for the 2022 Honda CR-V and contact us anytime.