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The previous articles introduced the overview, safety, and hub-centric design of 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers. So, in this article, let me introduce to you in detail the benefits of wheel spacers for your Air. Many people know that the spacer is a necessary accessory when changing aftermarket wheels and tires, but in fact, the 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacer has many other functions that can give you a completely different driving experience.

What Are 2022 Lucid Air Wheel Spacers Used For?

Wheel spacers are also named wheel adapters, their main function is used to correct the fit of the wheel to the car. Its most well-known role is to make the wheel out from the axle rotor to change the offset. You can understand it as buying a set of wheels with a negative ET value for your Air at a more affordable price. Which can widen the wheel track to get the more stable. And increasing the turning radius and enhancing the vehicle steers when you drive to some sharp corners. BONOSS-wheel-spacers-2022-lucid-air-wheel-spacers

In addition to improving the handling of your Air, the 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers can make your vehicle very outstanding. The suitable thickness of the wheel spacers will give your Air an aggressive and striking appearance. With the width that is added between the wheel and the hub, your tires will not be tucked in the fender and body fit anymore. The appearance of your Air will become more streamlined, and the gap between the wheels and the body fit can be controlled by you. For example, some wide-body styles can be perfectly matched.


Furthermore, the 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacer is also very helpful for the mods of your wheel assembly. Generally speaking, car modification enthusiasts often upgrade tires, suspension systems, and brake calipers to improve operational performance. However, not all the parts you like are precisely matched to your car model. In this case, spacers are needed for certain modifications and corrections. For example, the thickness of the newly changed brake calipers is too thick, and friction occurs with the inner side of the wheel hub during steering. This situation often occurs. Many people will choose to spend a lot of money to buy a set of wheels with a negative ET value to accommodate thicker brake calipers. However, simply installing wheel spacers of appropriate thickness can easily solve such problems.

Just leave the complicated and professional things to us! BONOSS has already prepared for the 2022 Lucid Air. You can enjoy customized service no matter you wanna do any mods on your 2022 Lucid Air. Have a browse at BONOSS 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers. If you get any questions, please contact us!