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“With the 520 miles of the estimated range and the striking 1111 horsepower, the 2022 Lucid Air aspires to be much more than the rank one Tesla in the EV segment market.” Maybe you saw this news in some vehicle test articles, the 2022 Lucid Air is coming. Like all EVs now, the 2022 Lucid Air has a very technological appearance and terrifying acceleration capabilities.

But that is a big problem there refers to the Caranddriver.com, if you take the optional package with the 21-inch wheels, you will complain about low-profile performance tires that produced bothering road noise on a section of coarse pavement. This means that you are very likely to change to a set of high-performance tires. Therefore, BONOSS 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers are ready to make it convenient for you to upgrade your Air to get a better driving experience and comfort. Now let me take you a comprehensive and quick understanding of the wheel spacers.


What Are The Benefits Of 2022 Lucid Air Wheel Spacers?

1. Improve Lucid Air handling.

Wheel spacers will help enhance the Air’s ability to turn, and it will impact the turning radius. They add enough space for the wheels to maneuver, pushing the wheels to be further apart from each other. That can provide more support force from the outer tires when the vehicle is inclining laterally.

2. Enhance the Lucid Air stance.

High-level 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers will change the way your Air appearance. By adding extra length between the wheel and the axle rotor, the wheel track will be widened and the wheels will no longer be tucked in the fenders. That will give your Air a whole new styling, which is more aggressive and sporty.

3. Allow fixing larger tires.

Changing a set of larger tires is the main approach to enhance comfort, handling, and cornering acceleration. Most aftermarket wheels won’t fit on standard vehicles perfectly, there is some gap in the contact face between the hub and the wheel center bore. So, adding a set of wheel spacers will help you install the new tires and wheels suitably. And if you want to add some larger components like wider brake calipers or something, it can quell the fears of them may rubbing against the axle, frame, or others in the wheel assembly.

What Are The Main Types Of 2022 Lucid Air Wheel Spacers?

1. The Bolt-on wheel spacers are a kind of spacers that are fixed to the studs or lug bolts the spacers onto the hub rotor. When choosing this type, you’ll need to check the data of your vehicle’s model, and make sure the spacers are right to your wheels and lug nuts patterns.BONOSS-wheel-spacers-2022-lucid-air-wheel-spacers

2. The Slip-on wheel spacers slide onto the lug bolts or studs of the hub rotor, that leaving some length of bolts or studs left for the wheel to fit back on. However, if you can’t measure the suitable thickness of slip-on spacers, that will leave not enough room for the wheels to fit on. You know, if the engagement of studs is not enough, The intended firmness will not be achieved. In this situation, you may need to buy another set of extended studs with slip-on wheel spacers to ensure the wheels are in place safely.

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