In the first two articles about 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers, you should have a general understanding of wheel spacers, and whether installing the wheel spacers are safe for your daily driving. Then our final answer is actually safe.

So next, when you browse the relevant information of 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers on the Internet, you will find two words, hub-centric and lug-centric. Of course, I mentioned two types of bolt-on and slip-on in the article “Everything you should know”. These two types are distinguished according to the way of bolting. The two types of hub-centric and lug-centric mentioned here are classified based on how the wheel spacers distribute the weight to bear. After you read this article, you will find you really need the 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers with the hub-centric design.

What Is The Difference Between The Lug-Centric And Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers?

Lug-Centric means that the lugs themselves do the centering, due to the center bore diameter of the lug-centric spacer is not matched the hub rotor. Most cheap and nasty wheel spacers are designed by lug centric because this design type allows manufacturers to make wider center bore diameter wheel spacers that can fit a wider range of vehicles, without measuring the specific axle parameter for the hub.BONOSS-wheel-spacers-2022-lucid-air-wheel-spacers

In this lug-centric design, there is a certain gap between the hub assembly and the wheel. Without a firm contact, lacking the hub’s support, the studs play the role of bearing the road impacts. Some fierce impacts are strong enough to deform the pre-studs or bolts, making the wheel no longer concentric with the hub, resulting in vibrations. Even worse, it may damage the wheel’s center bore.

The Hub-Centric means the wheel center bore and the axle rotor of the vehicle line up and contact firmly, and lug nuts are used to align the wheel at the mounting pattern. The 2022 Lucid Air hub-centric wheel spacers are designed with the precise diameter of the new Air to fit the axle by step ring, what we BONOSS called the multi-stage.BONOSS-wheel-spacers-2022-lucid-air-wheel-spacers

It is designed to connect the wheel to the axle firmly to ensure the axle can carry most of the weight of the car instead of the studs or lug bolts. The hub-centric spacers also allow the wheels are truly central to the vehicle’s hub, with no vibration at high speed. Otherwise, that also reduces the shear force to the wheel studs or bolts, prolonging the wheel spacer’s service life.

The Benefits Of 2022 Lucid Air Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers

1. More stable and firmer.
Hub-centric wheel spacers make the wheel firmly connected with the axle, transferring most of the vehicle loads and impact force to the hub as automakers’ original design.
2. No gap exists between the wheel assembly.
Hub-centric wheel spacers can fill the gap by the special design of multi-stage to solve high-speed vibration or other problems caused by the clearance between parts.
3. Correction of aftermarket components.
By your particular data of aftermarket components you bought, hub-centric wheel spacers can fit in aftermarket wheels with different center diameters, make sure your safety.


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