BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Knurling Design

What are the pros and cons of EQS wheel spacers? Do EQS wheel spacers affect ride quality? Does adding an EQS spacer increase offset? With the increasing popularity of the Mercedes-Benz EQS V297, these topics have become very popular. When the offset of your stock or aftermarket wheels is insufficient, the EQS wheel spacers would make up the custom offset by pushing the wheels away from the vehicle hub. Having your wheel brought out the ideal distance allows for mounting big brake kits without rubbing the suspension components. Many Mercedes-Benz EQS owners often install spacers to achieve more stability especially while cornering the vehicle. Your EQS V297 becomes more stable as the wheel spacer provides additional width for the wheel track. In this way, the weight of the vehicle is distributed on all the wheels equally which in turn improves the comfort of car handling. Aesthetically speaking, properly filled wheel arches can really make your Mercedes EQS look wonderful.

Correcting Positive Wheel Offset

When you are ready to level up your Mercedes-Benz EQS, it is a good chance to upgrade your wheels and tires. Bigger wheels provide better cornering and more stability for your EQS V297, but they also need more clearance from rubbing the inside of the wheel well and the outer fenders. When the wheel mounting plate is closer to the outside, this is called a positive offset. An excessive positive offset negatively affects your EQS’s handling, making it potentially dangerous to drive. BONOSS EQS wheel spacers are an easy way of creating the desired space to correct the offset by pushing the wheels away from the hub assembly. This added spacing is necessary for keeping those larger tires for your Mercedes EQS from crashing into the fenders and suspension when operating a full turn. Wheel spacers result to be cost-effective when used in the installation of wider wheels. This also saves the cost of buying a set of new custom aftermarket wheels.

Clearing Bigger Brake Kits Issues

Although upgrading your Mercedes EQS to big brake kits will provide a significant performance increase, they may not always fit the stock or aftermarket wheels. In order to accommodate the larger size of performance brake kits, your stock or aftermarket wheels often require the installation of EQS wheel spacers. BONOSS Mercedes EQS Wheel spacers are used to create necessary distance on the inner portion of the wheel for clearance problems with bigger brake kits. By pushing out the wheels, you can gain the ideal amount of clearance for larger brakes instead of rubbing against it when mounting back the wheel. Besides, they can also increase the body control experience, offering better corner performance.

Enhancing Wide-body Kits Upgrades

A not ideal clearance between the wheels and wide fenders calls upon the EQS wheel spacers to be installed. After your finest Mercedes EQS body kits upgrades, you may find that there is a “big hole” lies between the wheels and fenders. This is because the widened fenders make the EQS stock wheels look more inset in the suspension. Generally, widebody builds include the upgrades of larger-size wheels and bigger brake kits. This is to make the wheels flush the wide fenders, which gives your EQS unique style and make it possible to stand out among the general mass by customization. Installing EQS wheel spacers is one of the easiest and most cost-effective options to get flush the fender line. Honestly, filled wheel arches properly really make your Mercedes EQS look really wonderful. This also allows you to add larger wheels and larger brake kits, which is a great safety upgrade especially if you plan to take your widebody EQS V297 onto events.