VW ID.6X and CROZZ and BONOSS Wheel Spacers

Overview of VW ID.6X and CROZZ

The VW core brand is just about ready to roll out its third production EV riding on the modular architecture, the ID.6.The design is not much of a mystery as fully revealing images were published earlier this year by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) where the ID.6 went through the mandatory homologation process.

Variants and Power

The carmaker has teased the ID.6 electric SUV ahead of its debut at the Shanghai auto show beginning April 21. The seven-seat EV will be larger than the ID.4 and will be available in two variants, the ID.6 X and ID.6 Crozz. 201HP from a rear motor in standard ID.6 trim, and around 302HP for a dual-motor, all-wheel driver model. Power will come from a variety of battery packs, with the largest being an 84-kWh unit that will allow the ID.6 to travel for 431 miles (700 kilometers) on a single full charge. Speaking of charging, the ID.6 will support up to 200-kW charging (where the network allows it) and it will be able to add about 143 miles of range for every ten minutes when connected to a DC fast charger.

Exterior Design

ID.6X and ID.6CROZZ are based on the VW MEB modular electric platform, positioning large-scale pure electric SUV, which can provide the third row of seats. Volkswagen has designed a new body ratio for them. From the image, the sidelines of the body are smooth, the smooth roof lines extend to the tail, and the spoiler on the upper part of the rear window can further reduce the air resistance. It can also reduce wind noise. At the same time, the body design is simple and powerful, so that the entire site looks more aggressive.

VW ID.6X and CROZZ and BONOSS Wheel Spacers 2

BONOSS Wheel Spacers for VW ID.6X and VW ID.6 CROZZ

For 95% of SUV models on the market, BONOSS have wheel spacers and special customization to provide specific data, and in previous installation cases, SUV wheel spacers are popular, many popular brands among them are JEEP, Land Rover, Tacoma, etc… SUV installing wheel spacers can solve torque problems in different hubs, the brake caliper is too big, and increase vehicle handling. VW ID.6X and CROZZ, for the latest BONOSS have already prepared the specific wheel spacers, wheel bolts, and other products. Most SUV models choose a wheel spacer thickness of 15 mm-20mm (0.5-0.7 inches), appropriate thickness of wheel spacer is conducive to driving and improving the appearance of the vehicle, the wheel and fenders are flush is the pursuit of most customers.

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