2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers are placed between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel itself to increase the gap between them. They are commonly used to widen the track width of vehicles, including SUVs. Different thicknesses of 2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers can achieve different effects. We will explain several benefits of using wheel spacers on SUVs and why they are recommended.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers can improve the vehicle’s stability during travel. By increasing the track width, wheel spacers enhance the stability of SUVs. A wider track provides a broader support base, reducing the likelihood of rollovers and improving handling characteristics. For vehicles like SUVs with heavy loads, the more evenly distributed weight is beneficial, especially for vehicles with larger ground clearance, resulting in better stability during steering and allowing the vehicle to pass through corners more stably and faster.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers provide clearance for larger custom tires. SUV owners sometimes install wheel spacers to create additional space between the wheels and other components, such as suspension or braking systems. This extra space allows for the installation of larger tires, which can enhance off-road capabilities and overall vehicle performance. For example, if the Lincoln Nautilus comes with OE size tires 245, the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers may help the vehicle accommodate tires sized 255 or 265.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers also play a role in customization and the appearance of the vehicle’s body lines. They can be used to achieve the desired aesthetic effect or customize the look of an SUV. They can help push the wheels outward, giving the vehicle a more aggressive stance or a wider, sportier appearance. In more extreme street racing modifications, the hellaflush style cars also choose wheel spacers in combination with modified wheels.

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2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers still use the bolt-on method of installation. This is because the wheel hub of the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus is secured by lug nuts and wheel studs, which are semi-permanently fixed to the vehicle’s chassis structure. Therefore, the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers must be securely mounted onto the studs. BONOSS offers the Active Cooling series wheel spacers, which belong to this type. They are different from slip-on wheel spacers as they come with lug nuts and wheel studs matching the vehicle’s lug pattern.

As a new design by BONOSS, the active cooling feature provides a larger heat dissipation area, helping the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers quickly dissipate heat generated during braking processes. We know that metals have limits to their plastic deformation under high temperatures, and to prevent deformation, the grooves on the back of the wheel spacers effectively collect air as the vehicle is in motion. However, you don’t need to worry about the deformation issue with the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus wheel spacers are made from forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloys. These alloys undergo professional testing from organizations like SGS and TUV to ensure their quality. During destructive testing, the products are subjected to their limit values. Forged aluminum alloy products have a dense structure and eliminate potential issues such as air pockets and other structural problems that could lead to deformation.

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