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You can find information about Mustang wheel spacers on the official website of BONOSS, Mustang’s vehicle manual also has data information about Mustang, which has detailed instructions about lug nuts and thread, use Google to look up Mustang wheel spacers of the corresponding era. The Mustang (2017-2022) uses 14×1.5 conical lug nuts, after getting the lug nuts data, you only need to know the corresponding PCD and CB data to choose your Mustang wheel spacers.

What’s Mustang Wheel Spacers PCD?

Pitch circle diameter (PCD) basically refers to the diameter of the center of a set of studs. Some cars feature a pitch circle diameter of 4 x 100, which needs to be measured in millimeters to the most exact figure possible. Some PCDs can extend up to 130 millimeters in diameter for larger cars, as well as adapting to use 5 studs rather than 4. PCD should be seen as denoting the diameter distance of the studs from the center point of a wheel, the information can be provided by the manufacturer or measured by a professional aftermarket parts manufacturer. Mustang (2017-2022) adopted data PCD 5×114.3.

What’s Mustang Wheel Spacers CB?

The center bore (CB) of a wheel is the machined opening in the center of the wheel that centers the wheel properly on a vehicle. It is necessary for a wheel to be “Hub Centric” because it will reduce the chance of vibration. Mustang wheel spacers also need to be “Hub Centric”. Mustang (2017-2022) adopts CB 70.5, so you need to select Mustang wheel spacers with hub centric size of 70.5.

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What Size Mustang Wheel Spacers Do You Need?

After knowing the data of Mustang wheel spacers, you only need to know the thickness of Mustang wheel spacers, its thickness is determined by the distance from the wheels to the fender, this distance is the state recommended by BONOSS, the wheels and fender flush can take into account the needs of safety and appearance, the flush state wheels will not let the mud splash on the body, and at the same time, the front and side view, the body line has been adjusted to become fuller. Of course, this state is only the thickness of Mustang wheel spacers recommended by BONOSS, the Mustang customer in the picture chose bigger Mustang wheel spacers to bring a more impactful visual effect.

20mm-25mm (0.8 inches-1 inch) Mustang wheel spacers will be perfect. Whether you choose 20mm Mustang wheel spacers or 25mm. The Mustang wheel spacers will give you a different driving experience and you will immediately feel the change in the Mustang’s appearance when you finish the Mustang wheel spacers.

Can I Put Mustang Wheel Spacers on the Rear Wheels Only?

BONOSS recommends using four Mustang wheel spacers, of course, you can also choose to add wheel spacers to the rear wheels of the Mustang because some people are more concerned about the scrub radius, and the rear wheels do not participate in the steering so there is no scrub radius, use 1-inch Mustang wheel spacers in the rear wheels if you need to install Mustang wheel spacers, make sure you choose high-performance Mustang wheel spacers from a brand with a high reputation.



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