If you own a 2010-2024 Cadillac CTS and want to install wheel spacers, choosing the right size spacer is important for proper fitment and performance. Wheel spacers are used to push the wheels outward from the hub for a wider stance. This can enhance the look of the vehicle and allow fitting larger aftermarket wheels. But what size wheel spacer works best for the CTS? Let’s take a look at some key considerations.

 2010-2024 CTS Wheel Size

The factory wheel size on 2010-2024 CTS models is either 17″, 18″ or 19″. If you plan to keep the original wheels, a wheel spacer around 15-20mm thick should work well. This will push the wheels outward enough to be noticeable without being excessive.

If installing larger aftermarket wheels like 20″ or 22″, a thicker spacer around 25-30mm is recommended. This will help provide proper clearance for the bigger brakes and suspension components on the CTS. Too thin of a spacer may lead to rubbing issues.

CTS Wheel Spacers Size for Offset

The offset of the wheels also impacts ideal spacer sizing. Wheels with a high positive offset generally require a thicker spacer to get the desired flush fitment. For wheels with low or negative offset, a thinner spacer in the 15-20mm range usually works fine.

Matching the spacer size to the wheel offset keeps the wheels properly aligned and the suspension operating smoothly. Consulting a wheel fitment expert can help determine optimal wheel spacers based on your wheels.

What size wheel spacers are best for 2010-2024 Cadillac CTS?

Brand Cadillac CTS Wheel Spacers for Sale

One of the best brands of wheel spacers for the Cadillac CTS is BONOSS. They offer spacers in a range of sizes from 15mm to 50mm for proper fitment with various wheels. Their spacers are CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum for precision thickness.

BONOSS spacers feature a durable black anodized finish and come with all necessary mounting hardware. They have a center bore to precisely match Cadillac hubs for proper alignment. Their wheel spacers meet SGS&TUV quality standards.

BONOSS stands behind their spacers with a 10-year warranty. For the right balance of performance and looks, BONOSS wheel spacers are a top choice for fitting aftermarket wheels on 2010-2024 Cadillac CTS models. They offer safe and reliable fitment at an affordable price.

Installing wheel spacers on your 2010-2024 Cadillac CTS can provide a wider, more aggressive stance. But choosing the proper size spacer is key based on your wheels and intended use. For most applications, a spacer around 15-30mm thick from a quality brand like BONOSS works great. Just be sure to check wheel offset and brake clearance when sizing your CTS spacers. With the right fitment, wheel spacers can give your Cadillac CTS the perfect wheel and tire combination.