2024 Ford Fiesta wheel spacers are safe to utilize. If you own a 2024 Ford Fiesta and want to customize the look and performance of your ride, installing wheel spacers is an easy upgrade to consider. But will wheel spacers affect your Fiesta negatively? Are certain spacer widths safer than others? And which brand offers the best spacers for your model year? This post will answer all of those questions and more.

Wheel spacers, sometimes called hubcentric spacers, are circular metal rings that go between your wheel and hub. They push the wheels outward, effectively increasing the track width of your car. This widened stance gives your Fiesta a more muscular look while also improving handling.

Will Wheel Spacers Affect My 2024 Ford Fiesta?

Wheel spacers can impact your Fiesta’s ride and performance if used incorrectly. Here are a few key considerations:

  • Spacer size/width – Too thin and they won’t make a difference.
  • Materials – Solid aluminum alloy spacers are best. Plastic and hollow spacers can break under stress.
  • Proper installation – Use a shop to install spacers so lugs are torqued correctly. Improper installs can lead to wheels falling off while driving.

Are 1.25 Inch Wheel Spacers Safe on a 2024 Fiesta?

For a 2024 Ford Fiesta, a 1.25 inch spacer falls within the safe range for most setups. At this width, you’ll get noticeable changes in appearance and performance without putting too much strain on components. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure lug nuts are torqued to factory specs with a spacer installed. Proper torque prevents vibrations and loosening.
  • Periodically check torque on lugs to confirm they aren’t coming loose over time. This prevents extremely dangerous wheel detachment accidents.

Following these precautions will allow you to safely run 1.25 inch wheel spacers on a stock 2024 Ford Fiesta. Just remember, bigger is not always better for spacer width.

Can I use 2024 Ford Fiesta wheel spacers?

Who Makes the Best 2024 Ford Fiesta Wheel Spacers?

With so many spacer brands to choose from, why select BONOSS for your 2024 Ford Fiesta?

  • Precision CNC machined from 6061T6 aluminum – Extremely strong, lightweight, and durable under stress. Won’t bend, crack, or shatter.
  • Anodized finish – Protects against corrosion and improves visual appeal. Provides long-lasting shine you’ll love.
  • Hubcentric design – Precisely centers wheels for smooth vibration-free ride. No wheel wobble at high speeds.
  • 4×108 bolt pattern – Made to specifically fit Fiesta models. Bolts up easily with no modifications needed.
  • Spacers start at just 15-20mm for safe enhancement – Avoid overdoing it. BONOSS keeps you within recommended limits.

For anyone wanting to customize their new 2024 Ford Fiesta with wheel spacers, BONOSS delivers the quality, safety, and performance most owners demand. Order a set today to give your Fiesta that perfect modified stance.

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