The 2024 Miata is the latest generation of Mazda’s iconic two-seat roadster. With its lightweight design and near-perfect weight distribution, the Miata is known for its incredible handling capabilities right out of the box. Many Miata owners look to customize their cars even further by installing aftermarket parts like wider wheels and lower suspension. One popular modification is adding wheel spacers, but will spacers negatively impact the 2024 Miata’s performance?

What Do 2024 Miata Wheel Spacers Do?

Wheel spacers are circular metal plates that bolt between your wheel hub and rim. They create spacing to push the wheels outward from the hub, effectively increasing the track width of the vehicle. Wider track width improves stability and allows for larger wheel and tire fitment without rubbing or scrubbing.

Wheel spacers are measured by their thickness. Typical spacers for the Miata range from 5mm to 30mm. Going with a more aggressive spacer size like 25mm or 30mm will give you a noticeable boost in stance and allow much wider wheels and tires.

Will They Negatively Impact the 2024 Miata?

The short answer is no – quality spacers from reputable brands that are properly installed should not cause problems for your 2024 Miata.

The key things to keep in mind are using high-quality hub-centric spacers and getting proper installation/alignment. As long as you choose top-tier spacers made from durable billet aluminum and have them installed by experienced technicians, you can run moderate spacer sizes without durability or drivability issues.

I recommend keeping the spacer size conservative for a 2024 Miata – 15-20mm should be safe for most setups. This will give you the improved stance and ability to fit wider tires without pushing components too far and compromising performance.

Will 2024 Miata Wheel Spacers Affect My Car?

BONOSS 2024 Miata Wheel Spacers

If you do decide to install spacers on your new ND Miata, I highly recommend going with BONOSS. They are one of the most trusted brands among Miata enthusiasts.

Here’s why BONOSS 2024 Miata wheel spacers are the best choice:

  • Precision CNC machined from 6061T6 aluminum for maximum strength.
  • Anodized coating prevents corrosion.
  • Proper thread engagement for secure fitment.
  • Hub-centric design properly centers wheels and prevents vibrations.
  • BONOSS offers spacers of various thickness so you can get the perfect fitment dialed in.

Thousands of Miata owners have used BONOSS Miata wheel spacers for years without issue. Their quality manufacturing and materials make them ideal for keeping your 2024 Miata running great with improved stance and wheel clearance.

Installing modest, high-quality wheel spacers like BONOSS products will not negatively impact your 2024 Miata’s performance – as long as you get proper professional installation and alignment. Conservative spacer sizes of 15-20mm are recommended to improve fitment for wider wheels/tires without over-stressing components. With quality hub-centric spacers made from durable aluminum, you can give your new ND Miata the perfect stance and wheel fitment.