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The 5×112 wheel spacers still fit the latest 2023 BMW 7 series. The exact lug pattern and center hole diameter allow them to be mounted on the hub assembly, and using a torque wrench to tighten the specific length of wheel bolts will lock the wheel in place. You can also use wheel stud conversion to convert the mounting method efficiently. We recommend using high-quality 5×112 wheel spacers, which should be hub-centric to eliminate the potential risk of shaking at high vehicle speeds.

BMW 5×112 Wheel Spacers Before and After

Different thicknesses of BMW 5×112 wheel spacers will achieve different effects. 5×112 wheel spacers are installed between the wheels and hub assembly to increase wheel clearance, the wheels are pushed away from the body, and the movement distance is usually measured in millimeters. For the BMW 7 series, 10mm-20mm 5×112 wheel spacers are suitable. The stock wheel offset value is 27-30. Installing 5×112 wheel spacers will reduce the positive offset.

For example, if 12mm 5×112 wheel spacers are installed on a BMW 7 series, the offset will be 30-12=18mm. The distance between the wheel mounting surface and the wheel’s centerline becomes 18mm because the 5×112 wheel spacers are considered an extension of the mounting surface. With the 5×112 wheel spacers installed, the wheels may be flush with the fenders. BONOSS recommends a flush stance, as the law in some areas does not allow the tires to go over the fenders to ensure the safety of pedestrians while the vehicle is in motion. A flush stance will make the vehicle look more aggressive.

Some customers choose to install 5×112 wheel spacers to upgrade their calipers. Before installing wheel spacers, the caliper width of aftermarket brakes is often larger than that of stock brakes, causing the caliper to rub against the inner spokes of the stock wheels. After installing specific thickness 5×112 wheel spacers, the spokes are spaced apart from the caliper. BONOSS recommends leaving more than 3mm between these components as an effective measure to avoid component rubbing. They are less expensive than buying a new set of offset wheels.

Are 5x112 Wheel Spacers Fit the New 2023 BMW 7 Series-xu (2)

Are 5x112 Wheel Spacers Fit the New 2023 BMW 7 Series-xu (1)

BMW 7 Series Wheel Spacers Specs

The specifications for BMW 7 Series wheel spacers are mainly PCD and CB. PCD refers to the number of wheel bolts used to fix the wheels and the diameter of the pitch circle at all bolt locations. For example, the BMW 7 Series is 5×112, and the pitch circle diameter is usually expressed in millimeters.

Because the 5×112 wheel spacers need to go through the hub assembly, the center of the wheel spacer needs to be machined with a circle of the same diameter to hold the wheel spacer in place. The center hole of the BMW 7 Series is 66.5 in diameter, and the center hole needs to fit the hub assembly and the wheel hub-centric, so it is designed to with different inner and outer diameters.

BONOSS offers slip-on and bolt-on hub-centric wheel spacers with a PCD of 5×112 and a CB of 66.5. They are suitable for installation on the BMW 7 series and have an improved effect on the vehicle’s stance and assist with specific kit upgrades. Among them, the Lightweight Plus 5×112 wheel spacers reduce the weight of the first generation by an average of 30%, are more friendly to the spring weight, are suitable for business sedan applications, and improve steering sensitivity and handling to a certain extent.

Active Cooling 5×112 wheel spacers are 20mm thick or more. They are suitable for more aggressive vehicle stance upgrades, a low-cost upgrade option for some customers looking for street racing style. In addition, they can be customized to fit other lug pattern wheel adapters such as 5×112 to 5×114.3, 5×112 to 5×120, etc. The function of converting lug patterns also makes 5×112 wheel spacers popular with many customers.

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