A set of 5×112 wheel spacers can help the Mercedes-Benz GLE gain more space and benefit from upgrades. As an SUV, the BONOSS wheel spacers will help the Mercedes-Benz GLE gain a more stable ride and a fuller look. The stock offset is around 30-54mm and with the wheel spacers, you will get better offset figures.

What Do Wheel Spacers Do?

There are four benefits to buying a set of wheel spacers and fitting them to your vehicle: better handling, the space needed to fit a high-performance brake kit, a fuller vehicle appearance, and a torque solution for alloy wheels.

Wheel spacers are popular among enthusiasts of intense motorsport, exciting track driving, and tuning for superior performance vehicles. The reason for this is that the right track provides the traction needed for larger cars to corner, reducing the camber created when the car is cornering at speed and making cornering more stable.

Upgrading a high-performance caliper kit usually requires more space and the OEM wheel space provided may not be sufficient to fit a large high-performance brake kit, which could cause friction with the wheel and damage the caliper. Brake kits usually require 2mm-5mm more space on the inside of the wheel and wheel spacers are a more cost-effective option than buying a new set of alloy wheels.

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The body is streamlined but the wheels are recessed inside the fender. Use wheel spacers to push the wheels outwards to get a more reasonable offset figure, so your wheels are flush with the fender and the appearance of a fuller vehicle makes for a better stance.

Obsessed with alloy wheels from big brands like OZ, RAYS, and ENKI, but find that they don’t match the hub assembly data, wheel spacers can implement a torque function to help you fit the wheel you want, correct the data and ensure a safe ride, wheel spacers are definitely the way to go.

Can Wheel Spacers Cause Vibration?

Wheel spacers can be a generic term for all-wheel spacers including hub-centric wheel spacers, lug-centric wheel spacers, wheel adapters, non-hub centric wheel spacers. As far as we know, wheel spacers without a hub-centric have a high probability of causing vibration because the hub centric keeps the wheel spacers in the correct position on the hub assembly and fits the hub centric on the inside of the rim, keeping the rim on the original concentric position with the hub assembly and ensuring that the point of force on the hub is on the hub assembly. Vibration is caused by the wear of the lug-centric wheel spacers over a long period of time through the lug studs resulting in a gap, non-hub centric wheel spacers do cause vibration, so please choose wheel spacers with a hub-centric when purchasing. Choose wheel spacers with hub-centric when purchasing, as hub-centric eliminates vibration.

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On the other hand, please ensure that your wheel bolts are fitted in the correct way to prevent them from falling off. When screwing in the wheel bolts, make sure that the threads of the wheel bolts match the threads of the hub assembly. Using too much torque may cause damage to the threads of the wheel bolts and prevent them from holding, while too little torque will not allow the wheel bolts to hold the wheels in place. Do not add any liquid to the threads of the wheel bolts when fitting them. The friction between the threads and the threads of the hub assembly will hold the wheel well and any liquid may cause the wheel bolts to loosen or rust over long periods of driving.