If you’re interested in buying aftermarket wheels or tires, you may have run across 5×112 wheel spacers. Are these spacers good or bad for your vehicle? We think they will be advantageous. So, we’ve listed a few things you may want to consider before getting 5×112 wheel spacers 10mm for aftermarket wheels. Simply, these spacers can often enhance a car’s appearance, adding more style and an improved look.

Another reason that you need 5×112 wheel spacers can be the wrong size of the aftermarket rims or wheels. While OEM wheel arches are often designed for OEM wheels, adding larger rims and tires usually needs more space to fit. If you add proper wheel spacers, this won’t be the case. Always stick to quality hub-centric spacers. Because if you use cheap casting 5×112 spacers, you’ll probably see some negative effects on how the vehicle rides and drives.

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What Vehicle Can 5×112 Wheel Spacers Fit?

If the bolt pattern of your vehicle is 5x112mm, then it can fit 5×112 wheel spacers without a problem. The bolt pattern is also known as the PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter). Nearly all German-made cars have 5 lug bolts in a 112mm bolt circle, such as BMW G20/G30/G11/G70, Audi B9/B10/C8/8V/8Y, Mercedes-Benz W206/W223/W177/W213, Volkswagen Golf/ID.4/ID.6/Passat/Tiguan, Porsche Macan and more.

Apart from the 5×112 bolt pattern, the center bore is another important factor. It is the large hole in the center of a spacer. When a wheel spacer is installed to a car, this hole will fit tightly with a lip protruding from the hub and brake rotor. If the wheel fit on this lip tightly, this is known as a hub-centric fitment. If the wheel do not fit tightly, wobble and vibration may occur. To avoid potential catastrophic failure, it is always recommended to use hub-centric 5×112 wheel spacers.

Are BMW 5x112 Wheel Spacers Good or Bad 5x112 to 5x114.3 Wheel Adapters 20mm Spacers (2)

Can You Put 5×110 Wheels on 5×112 Wheel Spacers?

With 5×112 to 5×110 wheel adapters, you can put 5×110 wheels on the vehicle which is equipped with a 5×112 hub assembly. The hub side of the adapter is machined to a 5×112 bolt pattern to fit your car and the other side is built into a 5×110 lug pattern to fit the aftermarket wheels. Then, the wheel adapter becomes an extension of your vehicle hub, letting you vastly expand the number of available wheel choices.

In addition to the bolt pattern, it is necessary to consider the offset. If your 5×110 wheels get a high offset, even if they can be installed on your vehicle with adapters, you would find that the wheels stick into the wheel arches a lot. This doesn’t look good and you are running the risk of rubbing the suspension parts. By adjusting the thickness of the 5×112 wheel spacers, you can correct the offset quickly and easily.