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No, wheel spacers are not dangerous, what is dangerous is choosing the wrong wheel spacers and using them incorrectly. Most of the talk about the dangers of wheel spacers is directed at the suspension and the effects of changing the geometry. You should be aware that a set of negative offset alloy wheels has the same effect on the suspension as a set of wheel spacers, and that choosing the right wheel spacers for your suspension is something you should consider in order to get an improvement in appearance and handling. You need to know that wheel spacers are safe and that most accidents are not caused by wheel spacers, but by DIY installation and the wrong use of tools by novices.

In the case of the BMW 7 Series installation, we will explain the safety and feasibility of wheel spacers in terms of hub-centric rings, wheel spacers thickness, and quality. Our customers have chosen BONOSS wheel spacers and have been using them ever since, and the majority of them are satisfied with the change in driving experience and appearance.

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Wheel Spacers Can Be No Thicker Than

The thickness of wheel spacers varies for cars, SUVs, and off-road vehicles, and in addition to this, the clearance distance from the rims to the fender varies for each vehicle. The BMW 7 Series is a sedan and does not require off-road use. Generally, the thickness of the recommended wheel spacers ranges from 5mm to 15mm (depending on the actual measurement) for improving the appearance and handling of the car. What is the right fit? The ideal offset is when the outer side of the rim is flush with the fender after the wheel spacers have been fitted. The wheel spacers may cause the rims to protrude from the fender and may stain the bodywork during driving, as well as cutting against the road edge and damaging the appearance of the rims.

For off-road vehicles, the factory set-up of the suspension can withstand the impact of the road and the modification of wheel spacers. Most off-road vehicles opt for wheel spacers because of the stability and roll resistance offered by a wider track, and most off-road vehicles are available with OE or aftermarket wide bodies, which hide the rims inside and provide more space for wheel spacers. For off-road vehicles, 20mm-35mm or thicker wheel spacers are generally used, and for off-road applications where suspension is required, BONOSS recommends installing wheel spacers for off-road use. In the case of wheel spacers, the most reliable choice is based on actual measurements, or you can contact BONOSS customer service for more accurate data.

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Wheel Spacers Quality

The quality of wheel spacers is inseparable from dangerous or not. There are not many brands of wheel spacers recognized by consumers in the industry, such as BONOSS, H&R, Eibach, etc. The wheel spacers manufactured by these brands are basically made of 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. However, the specific wheel spacer material of each company still depends on the official website, the forging technology is necessary, the wheel spacers made with forging technology are much higher in structural strength and tensile strength than the cast products. As wheel spacers are divided into slip-on and bolt-on wheel spacers, it is important to pay attention to the quality of lug bolts or lug nuts in addition to the quality of wheel spacers.

The quality inspection report will provide consumers with more intuitive data analysis and trust backing, the German SGS and TUV testing institutions are authoritative testing institutions, including BONOSS, many high-precision product manufacturing companies send their products to the testing institutions for quality testing, you can click here for the latest SGS and TUV testing report.

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