In my last two articles, Is It Safe To Drive With 2022 Infiniti Q50 Wheel Spacers and What Are The Benefits Of 2022 Infiniti Q50 Wheel Spacers, I showed you the safety and functions of the wheel spacers. I mention that there are two main types of wheel spacers, the slip-on, and bolt-on. In this article, I want to show you what difference between hub centric and lug centric wheel spacers? Are hub centric 2022 Infiniti Q50 wheel spacers better?

Many people who like to shop for aftermarket wheels in some e-shops, must saw something about hub-centric and lug-centric adjectives of spacers. Maybe you often thought that is the selling point of brands and manufacturers to upsell to you the useless parts, but I want to tell you it is not.

What Difference Between Hub Centric And Lug Centric Wheel Spacers?

Generally, all the wheels designed by automakers are centered on the hub, and the weight of the car is supported by the axle hub and the surrounding lug bolts or studs. Therefore, the data of the center bore of the wheel is very accurate to match the wheel hub. Hub-centric wheel spacers precisely measure the center bore data of various OEM wheels with an accurate multi-stage design.

The more accurate the multi-stage is, the better it can avoid the possibility of bad phenomena after installation, such as the high-speed vibration. Of course, studs or bolts are still useful, they are used to help us fix the wheels on the rotors. And it can also share part of the load-bearing for the axle hub. This type of connection can better resist the fierce impact load generated when driving on the road.


Many aftermarket wheels are designed to the lug bolts or studs as the center, so that the wheels produced can be suitable for a large number of vehicles because there is no need to match the axle hub’s size of each model of vehicle. Therefore, the manufacturer of lug centric wheel spacers also produces them for the same purpose. Greater customers matching, so will not lead to an economic crisis with too much inventory.

However, lug-centric wheel spacers are not as safe as hub-centric. Because the wider vehicles matching will result in lower accuracy, the center bore is not specific, there must have some clearance to make a vibration. It has no direct connection with the axle hub, not like the original construction design, and only uses lug bolts or studs to bear the weight of the car body. On some bad situation road, the studs or bolts will be subjected to more than usual impact, which is likely to cause the studs or bolts to deform, and then the wheel will no longer be concentric with the axle hub. Continuing to drive the car without noticing such a problem will eventually lead to a traffic accident.

Are The Hub Centric 2022 Infiniti Q50 Wheel Spacers Better?


Definitely better than lug centric spacers! As I said above, the hub centric wheel spacers create the wheel-to-axle connection approach, like what the original design of the auto manufacturer, just change the axle hub to the multi-stage of the wheel spacers. That will as the same as the normally firmly be. What’s more, if you want to change to some aftermarket wheels, the hub centric wheel spacers can help eliminate some high-speed vibration by filling the gap the lug-centric wheels bring to your vehicle.

So if you are browsing the wheel spacers in some e-shops or auto stores, you’d better choose the spacers that have the hub-centric design. BONOSS 2022 Infiniti Q50 wheel spacers are all hub-centric designs and with more than 10+years of measurement experience of various vehicles. You can completely believe that BONOSS match the center bore size data of the original tires of various vehicles, and it is impossible to cause a vibration problem.

Just leave the complicated and professional things to us! BONOSS has already prepared for the 2022 Infiniti Q50. You can enjoy customized service no matter you wanna do any mods on your 2022 Infiniti Q50. Have a browse at BONOSS 2022 Infiniti Q50 wheel spacers. If you get any questions, please contact us!