Generally, the Defender V8 90 wheel spacers are safe and useful. The vehicle’s wheels are actually fastened to the corresponding wheel hub by a clamping force achieved by tightening the lug nuts of each wheel. This allows all forces to be transmitted through each vehicle’s hub and its corresponding axle. Therefore, the weight of your Defender 90 will not be placed on any wheel spacers that are installed. On the contrary, the wheel spacers simply serve as an extension of the original wheel hub surface. Installing Land Rover Defender 90 wheel spacers helps improve your vehicle’s traction. Because now your wheels are mounted further away from the hub assembly, it creates a lower center of gravity. This enables your tires to better grip the road surface, the resistance to rollover enhances, even if you’re driving during wet weather or unfavorable conditions, your Defender 90 doesn’t lose gripping power.

How to Keep Your Defender 90 Wheel Spacers Safe?

Whether you’re planning to use them on daily driving or off-roading activities, if you use quality Defender 90 wheel spacers and install them correctly, they are exactly safe. Wheel spacers are becoming popular by the day for various reasons. When done right they will improve your vehicle’s handling characteristics, allowing you to easily make turns and go around corners. They also provide a distinct look, which takes your car’s appearance to a whole new level. Although their application is beneficial and perfectly safe, they can have disastrous consequences if you don’t install them correctly. To keep safe, several guidelines you need to follow:BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Bolt-on Wheel Spacers ET

  • Install your Defender wheel spacers properly under the guidance of professionals.
  • Use reputable quality forged billet aluminum(6061-T6 or 7075-T6 is better) wheel spacers.
  • Use precise hub-centric Defender 5×120 spacers rather than universal lug-centric spacers.
  • Use a torque wrench with the manufacturer-recommended torque specification to fasten the lug nuts.
  • Check the lug nuts before every trail and ensure that all nuts are tight.
  • Check and confirm the proper alignment and function of your wheels and tires before driving.

Will Land Rover Defender 90 Spacers Cause My Wheels to Fall Off?

NO, as long as you use high-quality off-roading Defender SVR wheel spacers, they are very safe, even under off-roading circumstances. Although many stores claim that they are selling 6061-T6 aluminum spacers, but they are not made by the forged process. In fact, they are cheap casting spacers. Forging provides higher performance spacers than casting. It further enhances the hardness and toughness of the spacers. With the same material and cost, the strength and safety of forged spacers are far higher than casting ones. In off-roading events, the wheels usually bear fierce impacts, thus the quality of wheel spacers is very important. BONOSS forged Defender V8 90 (SVR) wheel spacers are safer and stronger than those casting alternatives: Tensile Strength≥310Mpa (AL6061-T6), Tensile Strength≥572Mpa (AL7075-T6), Yield Strength≥275Mpa (AL6061-T6), Yield Strength≥503Mpa (AL7075-T6), and the Tensile Strength of the cheap alternatives are approximately 125Mpa below. When facing bump and impact loads, higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking.

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