Are Lucid Air Wheel Spacers Safe or Dangerous

The major reason why most people run Lucid Air wheel spacers is to solve clearance issues and performance upgrades. As we know, wider tires not only offer you better handling but also make the obstacles much smaller. If you are ready to level up your Lucid Air with wider tires on the stock rims, the wheel offset maybe not as ideal as you want. To avoid the larger tires rubbing against your fender or other suspension components, you need to invest in new offset rims with less backspacing or simply buy Lucid Air hubcentric spacers. Wheel spacers can push your wheels and tires to the position you want under the fender. They help to keep the tires well on the edge of the wheel, thus preventing crashes into the fenders and suspension when operating a full turn. There are other reasons to use Lucid aero wheel spacers, including as a wheel adapter for running specific rim and tire combinations, to aid the wheels in clearing out protruding brake calipers, or to get rid of the tucked look of your Lucid Air. (Above pictures from

Are Lucid Air Wheel Spacers Safe?

Typically, the Lucid Air wheel spacers are very safe mods, whether they are safe or dangerous depends on the quality and installation. There are many standards to determine a quality Lucid wheel spacer including material, mechanical performance, strength, precision, design, hub-centric or lug-centric, forging or casting… In the market, wheel spacers made from aircraft-grade aluminum are the basis of quality fender spacers. BONOSS Lucid wheel spacers apply forged 6061-T6 (tensile strength≥310Mpa) or 7075-T6 (tensile strength≥572Mpa) billet aluminum material, which ensures higher strength, service range, and safety than those cheap casting aluminum spacers. Most of the disadvantages that people associate with wheel spacers are actually blamed on the lug-centric spacers. Due to non-hub centric design, lacking the hub’s support, sometimes the wheels may be out of balance through some fierce impacts.


BONOSS Lucid Air hub-centric spacers offer a better system of support and stability. They are designed to make a snug connection between the wheel and vehicle hub, ensuring the hub carries the weight of the car instead of the lugs. Besides, they are CNC machining, precision at 0.02mm, which make the hub-centric lip more accurate, perfect fit the wheel hub and provides a smoother installing experience than those roughly designed spacers. The other factor to determine the safety is the installation. It is very important to check whether the spacers fit your Lucid Air, including bolt pattern, center bore size… Properly torquing the lug nuts according to the correct specifications is also critical to keep safe. An improper installation, for example, untightened lug nuts (the clamping force is not enough) or overtightened lug nuts (the stud has been stretched past its tensile strength limit, so the clamping force has gone away) will cause most wheel spacer failures.

In summary, if installed properly, high-quality spacers won’t exert more force on your suspension than wheels with similar backspacing, thus you won’t have any safety problems. Avoid buying cheap spacers or you may ultimately pay much more for them. It is always a great idea to regularly inspect and give the spacers another check after 100 miles of driving to make sure they’re still in place well and the lug nuts are tight. Authentic stores that are able to customize to your needs can provide products made with genuine quality and help you avoid deception by unscrupulous merchants.

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