For many car enthusiasts who pursue personality and extreme performance, aftermarket wheels and big brakes kits upgrades are the most common beginning modification. Wheel spacers allow for putting wider wheels and tires on for additional traction and better handling. Higher-performance brake kits are often bigger than the stock parts. A wheel spacer makes required room for a larger caliper that wouldn’t fit in the factory wheel space. Furthermore, a hub-centric wheel spacer can transform a lug-centric wheel (one that centers by tightening the wheel lugs rather than a hub-specific mounting surface) into a hub-centric wheel, reducing the high-speed vibration. They also come with PCD conversion and CB conversion functions, which make the aftermarket rims and tires perfectly installed on your vehicle. Are wheel spacers good or bad? Now let’s continue the part III:

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Knurling Design

For Enhancing Widebody Kits Upgrades

Generally, widebody builds include the upgrades of larger-size wheels and bigger brake kits. Wheel spacers create an additional clearance between your wheel and the vehicle hub. An ideal distance between your car’s wheels quite actually makes it more stable. They also increase the traction during cornering and allow you to add larger wheels. You can also add larger brake kits, which is a great safety upgrade especially if you plan to take your widebody car onto a track. Installing wheel spacers is one of the easiest and most cost-effective options to get low and wide as well as to get flush the fender flares. Honestly, filled wheel arches properly really make your car look wonderful. Besides, they allow your car to perform better on-road handling and body control.

Improving the Resistant Ability to Rollover

Installing wheel spacers helps to increase the distance between the left wheels and the right wheels, hence increasing the traction. This is effective when the vehicle is driven in bad weather or when cornering the vehicle. In addition, the resistance to rollover enhances when the wheels of the vehicle are moved outwards from the OEM wheel assembly. The grip of the vehicle is also strengthened when wheel track increases. As a result, when the vehicle moves in rough weather or unfavorable driving conditions even then, it does not lose its grip on the road. With the improvement of the traction, the comfort level of handling the vehicle improve a lot. The wheel spacers assist vehicle owners in making custom wheel adjustments. On the other hand, if wheel spacers are not installed, it can result in inappropriate adjustments to the components of the vehicle.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Safety

In Summary

Are wheel spacers good or bad? This is not the main question, the main determining factor that decides the wheel spacers’ pros and cons are their quality, fitting, and installation. If you purchase low-quality spacers and install them improperly for a vehicle, a serious problem will arise while driving. Spacers have existed for multiple decades, and as long as they are high quality and installed correctly, there is very little opportunity for failure. They have always been used widely, even within the highest level of racing events. People tend to be sensationalized on the internet, especially because they don’t want to admit that they have made mistakes in tightening the lug nuts or purchased cheap low-quality spacers. Therefore, properly installed high-quality wheel spacers are perfectly safe.