Wheel spacers are safe and can solve a lot of problems to make your installation nice and easy. A common misconception about wheel spacers is that they will have a bad effect on your wheel bearings. If properly installed, wheel spacers will not cause your wheel bearings to fail prematurely or suddenly. As long as you are using high-quality wheel spacers and they are specifically fit your truck, there will be no problems. They push your wheels outwards for fitment, which makes your bigger tires even safer. This is highly beneficial for trucks because larger tires significantly improve the traction. Truck wheel spacers are not inherently dangerous. Make sure that you get wheel spacers from a reputable company and install them correctly with the guide of a professional. If you get the wheel spacers to sit and tight perfectly, you won’t run the risk of excessive vibrations or damages to your truck.

When Do You Need Wheel Spacers for Trucks?

People often claim that if you buy the right-sized wheels, you don’t need any wheel spacers, but not everyone is an expert on wheel sizing. It can be tricky to return the wrong sized wheels, especially you have them installed and run around for a while. If there is such an incorrect calculation, the truck wheel spacers may be the easiest solution to your problem. If you’re buying second-hand rims, it’s quite likely your truck’s fitment won’t be identical to the fitment of previous trucks, thus you will need wheel spacers. Of course, the safer alternative to this issue is to just buy new rims which are made specifically for your truck. But to be honest, we don’t always have enough budget for brand-new wheels. A set of quality truck wheel spacers will be the most cost-effective choice to complete your dream truck.

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Another thing is the rubbing issues. Truck wheel spacers can be utilized if the tire is impacting the control arms or if the wheel spokes are grinding up against the brake calipers. If you have noticed this problem, then using wheel spacers effectively prevents further damage to your truck. Many truck owners love to make their trucks look more manly and powerful. Then, 1-inch to 2-inch wheel spacers would do the trick for you. By pushing the wheels further away from the hub assembly, they increase the track width, hence reduce body roll.

When it comes to truck wheel spacers, don’t skimp with cheap unbranded products. You’ll regret it in the long run, just get the safe and quality option. To ensure safety, the lug nuts/bolts need to be torqued properly. It is recommended to get your wheel spacers installed at a reputable wheel shop. If you would like to install them on your own at home, then please follow the guide of included instructions. As a precaution, it is always a good idea to do a torque check after driving 25,000 miles. This will help you catch out any loose lug nuts or bolts.

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