Sometimes, conflicting opinions are taken shape concerning the worth of a specific aftermarket auto mod. A prime instance of this exact situation relates to the dispute about whether or not wheel spacers are safe for installation on the vehicle. Are wheel spacers safe? While the supporter of this kind of debate states that wheel spacers are not only safe, but have some significant function in the modification, the objector insists that wheel spacers are not safe, and shouldn’t be installed on the vehicle for any reason. So, what is the truth about the wheel spacers? Are wheel spacers really safe?

What Do Wheel Spacers Do?

Wheel spacers can be used to change a vehicle’s stance. That can be done by adding additional space between wheels position’s installing spacers. Essentially, each wheel is pushed further away from the chassis by a distance that equals the thickness of the spacer that is installed. Wheel spacers are a product in various thicknesses (usually from 3mm to 150mm), center bore, and PCD. All consumers can choose the spacers with the right thickness to install on their vehicle, whatever the specific application they have. By the way, the installation of wheel spacers will require some aftermarket wheel studs of lug nuts for achieving the suggested thread engagement.


What Are The Wheel Spacers Benefits?

The installation of wheel spacers increases wheel offset between a vehicle’s axle rotors and the wheels. Wheel spacers are used for many reasons, with those that follow being the most universal. The Wheel Spacers Can Improve Road-holding And Traction. The wider a vehicle’s wheel-track, the greater road-holding, and traction it has. Wheel spacers provide the chance to improve the stock vehicle’s wheel-track for enhanced handling performance. This is one of the prime reasons that wheel spacers often appear in racing games. The Wheel Spacers Can Proper Wheel Fitment. As time goes by, a significantly increasing number of customers pay more attention to the custom rims and aftermarket tires. When wheels of an inadequate offset are used, fender and suspension interference often happen. The use of spacers is perhaps the most convenient option to solve such fitment issues. The Wheel Spacers Can Improve The Appearance Of Vehicle Many auto modification enthusiasts choose to install wheel spacers on their vehicles in a bid to increase their aesthetic value. In some way, a wider wheel-track than stock can be visually appealing and offer an outwardly aggressive stance when they run on the road.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe To Use?

The reason why wheel spacers are generally considered to be safe is the whole vehicle’s weight is usually not borne by the wheel studs or the wheel bolts. The wheels are practically fastened to their matching wheel hub with a gripping force that is achieved through the tightening of every wheel lug nuts or bolts. This means all force is transferred through every wheel hub and the matching pattern of the axles. Hence, the most weight of a vehicle is not pressed upon any wheel spacer that might be installed. In contrast, wheel spacers simply work as an extension of wheel hub faces.


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