Wheel spacers have become a popular modification for Tesla Model 3 owners looking to change the look and handling of their vehicles. But are wheel spacers actually safe to use on a Tesla Model 3? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether wheel spacers are a smart and safe choice for the Model 3.

Potential benefits of Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers

There are a few key benefits that wheel spacers can provide for a Model 3:

  • Wider track width and more aggressive stance
  • Ability to fit larger aftermarket wheels and tires
  • Improved handling and cornering from reduced body roll
  • Customizable look and style

Many Tesla owners install spacers primarily for cosmetic reasons, to get that wider, sportier appearance. But some use spacers to enable installing wider tires or even help correct minor alignment issues.

Are there safety concerns with Model 3 wheel spacers?

Despite their popularity with the aftermarket crowd, wheel spacers come with some definite safety trade-offs. Here are the main risks and concerns with running spacers on a Model 3:

  • Potential vibration and wheel movement if improper fitment
  • Low quality wheel spacers may break or bend, causing risks

But these issues can be minimized by brand high-quality wheel spacers cumstomized for Model 3.  These spacers are hub-centric, AL7075T6 or 6061T6 and fit to the wheel hub.

Are wheel spacers safe for Tesla Model 3?

Genuine BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers for sale

For Model 3 owners intent on using spacers, choosing high quality components like BONOSS brand wheel spacers is highly recommended for safety and proper fitment. BONOSS manufactures hub-centric spacers from durable 7075T6 aluminum billet. This ensures a precise and secure fit on the Model 3’s hub and wheel mounting points.

BONOSS Tesla Model 3 spacers come in various widths from 10mm to 20mm to suit different wheel and tire fitment needs. They use grade 12.9 studs and feature a black anodized finish for corrosion resistance. Genuine BONOSS spacers provide the best blend of proper fitment, quality engineering and components for safe long term use on the Model 3.

Check with your preferred Tesla parts retailer to pick up a set of BONOSS spacers for modifying the look and handling of your Model 3. Always have a professional install them. The BONOSS brand represents one of the smarter choices for Model 3 owners seeking increased track width. Following the recommendations in this article will help ensure safe installation and operation.