Yep, 15mm all around for me, using the stock 20″ wheels, and I’m very happy with the look and the improvement to handling. I hit the winding open roads, in comfort mode (for the first time since fitting the spacers), a couple of days ago and was very surprised how the handling had improved. I wasn’t expecting this. I was actually thinking about lowering the car, using VCDS, to half way between comfort and dynamic, but will hold off now.

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He procured all-around 15mm wheel spacers for his Audi and was delighted by the feedback. In light of the poke (the distance from the outside of the wheel to the bottom of the fender) of an Audi A4L, front 12mm and rear 15mm can be a fit thickness. A common question is are they too thin to make a difference to my A4L? Should I swap to fat wheel spacers to give an obvious shift? The truth is 15mm is enough to boost your car in cosmetics and handling.

Audi A4L Wheel Spacers: Do They Make a Difference?

How thick of Audi A4L wheel spacers you can pick up?

For OEM wheels, we measure the distance of poke as front 13mm and rear 15mm. You can view the picture. If you prefer a flush appearance, front 12mm and rear 15mm combination is best option. There are always 5, 10, 12, 15, 18, and 20mm wheel spacers offered. Order customized 13mm wheel spacers, you may pay more. However, 20mm wheel spacers are also available if you desire an aggressive and insane look. You check the regulation about car wheels in your region, otherwise you shall be amerced.

The Audi A4L OEM offset ranges from 36-44mm. So, 10-20mm wheel spacers all are capable to ameliorate the vehicle suspension.

For modified wheels, it depends. Recheck the poke distance and the wheel offset yourself. Most enthusiasts swapped to large and muscular wheels, which came with a more positive offset. Wheel spacers are necessary at this moment to decrease the offset, otherwise, the suspension and balance of the vehicle are hurt.

When you change to larger calipers for better brake response, you may need wheel spacers to settle down rubbing issues. Measure the caliper clearance front and rear, and add wheel spacers to rest space for it.

Audi A4L Wheel Spacers: Do They Make a Difference?

How can Audi A4L wheel spacers improve handling?

By increasing the track width of the car, the stability and cornering can be improved. You can discover that those race cars can drift freely in the corner and never worry to roll and understeer, which is due to the wide wheel track. When you mount 15mm wheel spacers in your vehicle, you add a 30mm wheel track. The effect on stability and cornering is not so obvious but still can sense. For the bucks you pay for wheel spacers, it is worthy.

By widening the wheel track, the center of gravity is lower. Most sports cars like Porsche and Maserati have a low chassis lying down on the road.

Audi A4L Wheel Spacers: Do They Make a Difference?

What type of Audi A4L wheel spacers you should pick up?

Pick up hub-centric, quality, fitment wheel spacers. But why? Can I utilize non-hub-centric spacers? Quality brand wheel spacers are so costly to afford, can I compromise for cheaper wheel spacers? Which type of wheel spacers are fitment?

Hub-centric & lug-centric: Hub-centric wheel spacers secure spacers to the lugs and hub bore while lug-centric wheel spacers only secure to lugs. Lug-centric wheel spacers are unbalanced. The gaps in the hub bore will cause vibration and wobbles. You’d better pick up staged hub-centric spacers if possible.

Which price range wheel spacers can I get? A pair of slip-on wheel spacers you can utilize safely should be over 50$, and bolt-on wheel spacers are over 100$. The price grows with the thickness of spacers because thicker spacers consume more materials. A recommend reputable wheel spacers brand is BONOSS. Their wheel spacers’ prices are affordable and quality.

In light of the poke distance of the OEM Audi A4L, you need about 15mm spacers. Most slip-on wheel spacers range from 5mm-18mm, and most bolt-on wheel spacers range from 20mm-50mm. Hence pick up slip-on wheel spacers. You ought to ensure the bolt pattern (PCD) and hub bore (CB) of your car and get spacers to fit them. 2020-2023 OEM Audi A4L is 5×112 PCD and 66.5 CB.

Active cooling wheel spacers. BONOSS Audi A4L wheel spacers are active cooling spacers. The active cooling technique is an exclusive patent devised by BONOSS mechanists. This technique is the dissipation grooves on the surface of the wheel spacers. They are aerodynamically designed to cool the brake and wheel.

You can go for other brand quality wheel spacers, but BONOS Audi A4L wheel spacers are the only ones with affordable prices, high quality, fitment, and unique functions for your A4L. They are multi-staged, hub-centric, anodized forged wheel spacers made from 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. For various car models, BONOSS provides corresponsive patterns and thicknesses to fit the car and gives you professional consultations on choosing and installing.