If you own a Bentley, you may be interested in modifying the look and handling of your luxury vehicle. One common modification is adding wheel spacers, which push the wheels further out from the wheel hub to fill out the wheel wells. But are wheel spacers legal for Bentleys in the United States? Let’s take a closer look.

Wheel Spacer Legality

The short answer is yes, wheel spacers are legal for Bentleys and other vehicles in the US as long as they meet certain safety and manufacturing standards. The key things to look for are:

  • Materials:Wheel spacers must be made from high-quality metals like forged aluminum to handle the stresses of driving.
  • Hub-centric design:Quality spacers are hub-centric, meaning they center on the hub. This reduces vibration.
  • Proper fit:The spacers must match your Bentley’s bolt pattern. An improper fit can lead to serious safety issues.

As long as you purchase hub-centric wheel spacers from a reputable brand, they are street legal in the US.

Benefits of Bentley Wheel Spacers

Installing properly fitted, high-quality wheel spacers on your Bentley offers several benefits:

  • Wider stance:Pushing the wheels outward gives your Bentley a more aggressive, sports car look that fills out the exaggerated wheel wells.
  • Wheel/tire fitment:The extra clearance allows you to install larger aftermarket wheels and low-profile performance tires that couldn’t fit before.
  • Handling:Widening the track width improves cornering by reducing body roll.
  • Curb appeal:The widened, muscular stance enhances your Bentley’s curb appeal.
  • No modifications:Wheel spacers allow fitting larger wheels without modifying.

Proper Bentley spacers can make your car look and perform better without permanent changes.

Choosing Safe Bentley Wheel Spacers

With the performance demands of a luxury vehicle like a Bentley, it’s critical to choose top-quality, hub-centric spacers engineered specifically for your model. Here are key factors to look for:

  • Avoid no-name brands– Stick with reputable spacer companies that use precision manufacturing and high-grade metals.
  • Get an exact fit– Input your Bentley’s year, model and lug pattern to find wheel spacers guaranteed to properly fit the hub.
  • Match your hardware– For corrosion resistance, choose black aluminum spacers.
  • Mind the offset– Consult a fitment guide to find spacers with the proper thickness to get your desired offset and position the wheels just right.

With precision-engineered wheel spacers designed specifically for your Bentley’s specs and hardware, you can be confident of a safe, secure fit.

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Why BONOSS Hubcentric Bentley Wheel Spacers Are Best?

For Bentley owners looking to safely enhance their vehicle’s stance and handling with wheel spacers, industry experts recommend turning to BONOSS. Here are the reasons why:

  • Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum – High-strength, safer.
  • Precise CNC machining– Accuracy for a perfect hub-centric fit and no vibration.
  • Hub-centric design– Perfectly centers on the hub for even load distribution.
  • Protective anodizing– Anodized coating prevents corrosion.
  • TÜV&SGS approved– Tested and approved by TÜV and SGS, two of the world’s most strict regulators.

Such BONOSS forged lightweight plus Bentley wheel spacers are a clear choice.

The right set of Bentley wheel spacers can make a difference in your car’s stance, handling and ability to accommodate wider wheels. But safety should always come first. Here are some final tips:

  • Have a professional installer perform the spacer installation.
  • Torque all lug bolts to the wheel or spacer manufacturer’s specs.
  • Re-torque the lug bolts after 100 miles of driving.
  • Periodically check torque specs and inspect the spacers.

Ready to explore Bentley wheel spacers and shop top brands like BONOSS? Use our spacer finder tool to input your Bentley’s year, model and lug pattern and find options guaranteed to precisely fit. A wider, more muscular stance is just a few clicks away.