If you’re looking to change up the look of your Opel and give it a more aggressive stance, installing wheel spacers is an easy and affordable modification. Wheel spacers slide in between your wheel and hub, pushing the wheels outward to fill out the wheel wells. This guide will discuss the benefits of Opel wheel spacers and recommend some of the best options currently for sale.

Why BONOSS Opel wheel spacers are best?

One of the top brands for Opel wheel spacers is BONOSS. Here are some of the reasons why BONOSS stands out:

  • Precision engineering – BONOSS uses high-quality materials like aircraft grade aluminum to ensure proper fitment and maximum durability. The spacers are CNC machined for precision.
  • Multiple sizes available – BONOSS offers spacers in a range of widths from 10mm to 60mm. This makes it easy to get the perfect fitment for your Opel’s make and model. They have sizes to specifically fit Astra, Corsa, and other models.
  • Impressive strength – With high tensile strength, these spacers can handle the toughest driving conditions without failure.
  • Anodized surface – The anodized coating on BONOSS spacers helps prevent corrosion and rust. This protects them from the elements.
  • Hub-centric design – BONOSS wheel spacers are hub-centric, meaning they center perfectly on the hub to reduce vibrations. This results in a smooth ride.

For their combination of fitment, durability, and performance, BONOSS wheel spacers are a top choice for Opel owners. The quality engineering ensures they are up to the task.

What are the best Opel wheel spacers for sale?

Are Opel wheel spacers safe to drive with?

Quality spacers like BONOSS are designed to be safe when properly installed. Here are some tips for driving safely with Opel wheel spacers.

  • Get professionally installed – Don’t install spacers on your own if you lack experience. Pay a reputable shop to install them properly. Correct torque on the bolts is critical.
  • Stick to moderate sizes – Don’t go overboard on width.
  • Inspect periodically – Check for any loosening of bolts over time. Re-torque if needed. Also inspect for any damage or cracks.
  • Use high-quality spacers – Brands like BONOSS are trusted for their engineering and strength.

As long as you choose a reputable brand known for quality, have them installed correctly, and perform periodic inspections, driving with Opel wheel spacers can be perfectly safe. They allow you to get the look you want without compromising handling or roadworthiness. Just use good judgment when installing.

For Opel owners looking to enhance their car’s stance and fill out the wheels wells, quality wheel spacers are a simple and effective option. Brands like BONOSS offer precisely engineered spacers in various sizes to give your Opel the perfect fitment. As long as they are installed properly, wheel spacers are a safe modification that can give your car a much more aggressive look. Just be sensible with spacer width and always have a professional handle the install. With quality spacers on, you can cruise in style.