BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Honda Elysion Wheel Spacers 15mm+20mm Installation (1)
BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Honda Elysion Wheel Spacers 15mm+20mm Installation (4)

“When I see the look of my Honda Elysion after installing these BONOSS wheel spacers, I can say nothing but perfect!” Wheel spacers provide many benefits to your car, such as improving handling, a more aggressive look, cleared big brake caliper clearance issues after mounting bigger wheels and tires. They help to increase the distance between the left wheels and the right wheels, hence increasing the traction. This is effective when you driving in bad weather or when cornering the vehicle. In addition, the resistance to rollover enhances when the wheels are moved outwards from the OEM wheel assembly. The grip of the vehicle is also strengthened when the wheel track increases. (Thanks SGCS AUTO for supporting)

Are Honda Elysion wheel spacers good or bad? Any modification is always based on what you like. Many Honda Elysion owners often install wheel spacers to achieve more stability especially while turning or cornering the vehicle. Your car becomes more stable as the wheel spacer provides additional width for the wheel track. In this way, the weight of the vehicle is distributed on all the wheels equally which in turn improves the comfort of car handling. For better performance, the owner of this Honda Elysion chooses to install front 15mm(0.6″)/rear 20mm(0.8″) 5×114.3 wheel spacers. As long as you use high-quality spacers and install them properly, they are totally safe!

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Honda Elysion Wheel Spacers 15mm+20mm Installation (2)

What does Active Cooling Design Mean?

There is a special design petal shape grooves that exist on the active cooling wheel spacers. The grooves can make use of the wheel spacers rotation to allow the external cold air to enter and continuously flow inside the wheel spacers through these aerodynamic arcs to take away the heat, so as to achieve the purpose of actively dissipating heat for the braking system. The principle is to rotate like a fan for the braking system, supplying air and reducing heat. Through this way, it can improve braking efficiency, and reduce driving safety risks. BONOSS aims to provide products with more additional functions, safer, higher performance, more professional design, and a friendly experience.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Adapters-8

Why You Need Hub-centric Wheel Spacers?

Hub-centric wheel spacers provide a better system of support and stability. They are designed to make a snug connection between the wheel and vehicle hub, ensuring the hub carries the weight of the car instead of the lug bolts. Most of the disadvantages that people associate with wheel spacers are actually blamed to lug centric spacers. Due to non-hub centric design, there is a certain gap between the axle and the wheel, which means that the wheel is centered by the lug bolts. Some fierce impacts are strong enough to deform the bolts, making the wheel no longer concentric with the hub, resulting in vibrations.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Safe Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

Where to Buy Honda Elysion Wheel Spacers for Sale?

  • BONOSS has 15mm-50mm Honda Elysion wheel spacers 5×114.3 in stock. We also offer non-normal thickness’s customized service, completed only in 1-3 days, 3mm-160mm thick is available, OEM/ODM is available. Common requests from our customers include PCD conversion, CB conversion adapters for aftermarket wheels (e.g., 5×114.3 to 5×112 wheel adapters, 5 lug to 6 lug adapters, 5×114.3 to 5×120 adapters).
  • The matching wheel studs are made of forged JIS SCM44o high-strength steel, which features many desirable properties. The wheel studs have achieved ISO standard grade 12.9, tensile strength≥1,220Mpa, ultimate tensile load≥152,000N, hardness (HV)≥395, NSS≥500H…
  • BONOSS Honda Elysion Wheel Spacers are 10 Years Worry-free Warranty, which is an excellent and cost-effective choice for wheel upgrades. Professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a Super Long Warranty Service up to 10 years that far exceeds the period of most brands.

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