BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers 25mm+30mm for Hyundai Genesis Couple (1)
BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Safe Wheel Spacers Good or Bad

Better handling! Yesterday, this Hyundai Genesis Couple installed BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers, front 25mm (1 inch), rear 30mm (1.2 inches), PCD 5×114.3, CB 67.1. What do wheel spacers do? For many car enthusiasts who pursue personality and extreme performance, aftermarket wheels and big brakes kits upgrades are the most common beginning modification. Wheel spacers allow for putting wider wheels on for better handling. Higher-performance brake kits are often bigger than the stock parts. A wheel spacer makes required room for a larger caliper that wouldn’t fit in the factory wheel space. In addition, the resistance to rollover enhances when the wheels of the vehicle are moved outwards from the OEM wheel assembly.

Are wheel spacers safe? Are wheel spacers good or bad? These topics are always hot when talking about wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are a cost-effective way to install custom wheels or larger brake kits on vehicles. They can also be used to change wheel bolt patterns and center bore diameters. Typically, they made of steel or aluminum, which are sandwiched between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel, pushing the wheel out to allow for a more aggressive stance and increasing your track width. We’ve seen them work successfully on race cars countless times, as long as you use high-quality spacers and install them properly, wheel spacers are just as safe as normal wheel changing. (Thanks Dream Car for supporting)

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers 25mm+30mm for Hyundai Genesis Couple (2)

What does Active Cooling Design Mean?

There is a special design petal shape grooves that exist on the active cooling wheel spacers. The grooves can make use of the wheel spacers rotation to allow the external cold air to enter and continuously flow inside the wheel spacers through these aerodynamic arcs to take away the heat, so as to achieve the purpose of actively dissipating heat for the braking system. The principle is to rotate like a fan for the braking system, supplying air and reducing heat. Through this way, it can improve braking efficiency, and reduce driving safety risks. BONOSS aims to provide products with more additional functions, safer, higher performance, more professional design, and a friendly experience.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Adapters-8
BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Adapters disassembly grooves

What does the Disassembly Grooves Design Means?

Dismounting grooves means the small notches which are distributed on the corner of wheel spacers. It is designed to easily dismount the spacers, improving user experience. Normally, it leaves a limited clearance between the axle plate and spacer, using a screwdriver can easily remove the spacers, simple and efficient. If there is no such groove, the spacer will snug the vehicle hub, by forces effect, it can be difficult to dismount. Even worse, you may destroy the spacers or axle hub. Furthermore, the grooves can act as an air collecting funnel, which is effectively increasing airflow, enhancing the heat dissipation effect.

Additional Information:

  • BONOSS wheel spacer thickness can be customized flexibly, which is compatible with most vehicles. Thus, if you would like different sizes of wheel spacers, feel free to contact us. This Hyundai Genesis Couple uses front 25mm (1 inch), rear 30mm (1.2 inches), PCD 5×114.3, CB 67.1.
  • The matching wheel studs are made of JIS SCM44o high-strength steel, which features many desirable properties such as high strength, wear-resistance, excellent toughness, impact resistance, and high-temperature resistance. All BONOSS wheel adapter kits are matching with all necessary hardware components including wheel lug nuts or wheel bolts to suit your vehicle.
  • Each BONOSS product is printed with the logo of “BONOSS”. This offers an easy method to distinguish other fake and inferior products. At the same time, it also provides a way to find our after-sales service. Our products are 10 Years Limited Warranty (new products with 12 months warranty), which is an excellent and cost-effective choice for your car upgrades.

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