BONOSS Forged Aluminum 7075 T6 Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers for Porsche Panamera (Front 7mm & Rear 15mm )

BONOSS Extended Bolts Features :

1.The extended bolts is special car for special use,Lug size M14x1.5,Balled seat R14 for Porsche use only .

2.The material of Washer is Forged Titanium Alloy, which is widely use in Aerospace manufacture.

3.Anti-Corrosion Zinc Coated Black, High-Tensile Grade 12.9 Bolt, Anti-rust ability is more than 500 hours in Neutral Salt Spray Test, BONOSS bolts obtained certificate of TUV and SGS, For Safe, For long life Safe.

4.The head of the bolts with “B” logo, the inner bolts form a circle with 12 petals, which mean “Reunion”, but just for good looking, but also mean good future .

BONOSS Forged Aluminum 7075 T6 Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers details:

  1. The material of BONOSS Wheel Spacer is Forged 7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum, the surface adopted with Knurling and Black Anodized technology for durability and corrosion protection.

  2. The Knurling surface have Stress-Relief Treatment that make the wheel spacers more reliability .

  3. There are 5 Disassemble Grooves for the each wheel spacers, which features is easy to disassemble.

  4. BONOSS Wheel Spacers takes hollowed out design in the middle to reduce the weight .

  5. Precision Engineered Hub-Centric and Model Specific for Perfect Fit and Wheel Balance.

CNC Machined

1.BONOSS Wheel Spacers were modern CNC machined, the surface was more smooth, increasing car driving more stable and more secure and no vibration. 0.02mm Machining precision, the consummate data comes from constant practice,We always make perfection more perfect.

2.BONOSS Wheel Spacers have professional technology engineers,each car model with each precise data have measure by our engineers.We always insist on the conception of” Carrying Responsibility and Delivering Security, Safety First” for the customer.

3.BONOSS Wheel Spacer insist on CNC Machined with 60 degree taper bulge seat /Balled Seat lug nuts,Precision Engineered Hub-Centric and ModelSpecific for Perfect Fit and Wheel Balance.Machine pressed high tensile,heat treated studs.

  1. Product Effect:

  2. Increase the car wheel track, reduce the body center of gravity, reducing the body deformation.

  3. To improve vehicle stability and improve handing and other functions.

  4. To ensure that the car is more flexible, smooth and safe.

  5. To be able to make the sability of the vehicle greatly ascend.

  6. Increasing camber at the race track gives greater fender clearance.

  7. Installing of wheel spacer widens track th fill increased fender gap-improving handling.

How to install the Wheel Spacers ?

Measuring the gap

Checking the rim

Making sure there are no gap between the hub and th spacers

Turning the screw in to the hub

Checking the Wheel Spacers

Cleaning the hub

Making sure there are no vibration when put the wheel spacers on the hub

Fastening the wheel with Extended Bolts

BONOSS Wheel Spacer’s Achievement Exhibition: