BONOSS Forged Audi A6 Allroad Wheel Bolts Red Shell Type Lock Bolt Kit Upgrade (3)
BONOSS Forged Audi A6 Allroad Wheel Bolts Red Shell Type Lock Bolt Kit Upgrade (6)

For fitting the new aftermarket wheels, this Audi A6 Allroad upgraded to higher strength wheel bolts – BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Shell Type Lock Wheel Bolts. If you’ve purchased a set of aftermarket rims, you’ll possibly need to replace your stock M14x1.5 wheel bolts to match the new wheel insert holes. Aftermarket Audi A6 Allroad wheel bolts come in three standard types: cone seat, ball seat, and flat seat. They are made to match specific mounting holes and fit different seat types of rims. This is especially important if your aftermarket wheels are not compatible with factory wheel bolts. By using BONOSS Shell Type wheel bolts of various styles, you can make the wheels more noticeable. (Thanks Uncle Wong for supporting)

How to Choose Wheel Bolts for Audi A6 Allroad?

There are two based terms you need to know when talking about the right wheel bolts for your Audi A6 C8: seat and size. The “seat” refers to the area where the lug bolt actually makes contact with the wheel insert surface. There are mainly three seat styles: the conical seat, ball seat, flat seat, etc. The conical seat has a beveled 60 degree angled surface and it is the most popular type for aftermarket wheels. Since this Audi A6 has changed to new aftermarket wheels (conical seat), the owner changed to a set of new wheel bolts for wheel fitment, meanwhile improving the overall style.

BONOSS Extended Wheel Bolts Seat Type Explains

What’re the Benefits of Aftermarket Audi A6 Allroad Wheel Bolts?

A set of BONOSS M14x1.5 wheel bolts makes your A6 Allroad safer and better. Wheel bolts are designed to fasten your wheels with a clamping force. When correctly torqued, they will make a strong mechanical connection to the threads on the vehicle hub. Higher grade A6 wheel bolts provide higher strength, better wear resistance, and higher-temperature resistance capacity. This means even in hard-driving, they can keep in very good condition. If you would like to improve your A6 Allroad’s performance by reducing weight, a set of lighter wheel bolts with do the trick for you. Usually, they are in a mass variety of colors and styles. You can invest in a new wheel bolt kit for entirely aesthetic purposes. This will further enhance the visual effect of your aftermarket wheels.

BONOSS Forged Audi A6 Allroad Wheel Bolts Red Shell Type Lock Bolt Kit Upgrade (2)

Where to Buy BONOSS Audi A6 Allroad Shell Type Lock Wheel Bolts M14x1.5:

  • BONOSS Forged Audi A6 Allroad Wheel Bolts are selling worldwide. Sufficient inventory and can be timely delivered in most countries and regions. We recommend purchasing from local dealers, so as to get your A6 Allroad wheel bolts instantly as well as save much shipping fees. Click to find out Who sells wheel bolts near me.
  • BONOSS Audi C8  M14x1.5 wheel bolts are available to conical seats, ball seats, and flat seats (also called “mag” seats), etc. There may be differences in aftermarket wheels, so please take a check on your new wheel rims. And, if you don’t know the proper length, you are welcomed to contact our tech staff freely.
  • BONOSS Audi A6 Allroad Shell Type Lock Wheel Bolts are 10 Years Worry-free Warranty, which is an excellent and cost-effective choice for wheel upgrades. Professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a Super Long Warranty Service up to 10 years that far exceeds the period of most brands.

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