BONOSS M5 Titanium Stud Conversion

Performance | Lightweight

Forged Ti6Ai4V with Tensile Strength ≥ 1080 Mpa

Lightweight, 62g Each Stud Conversion

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What do BMW Stud Conversion do?

Stud conversion provides an easier
wheel fastening method and a
more competitive stance.

The studs’ length is capable to adjust,
3mm – 20mm wheel spacers are
available without extended bolts.

75mm(3-inch) – 85mm(3.4-inch)
length customize, OEM/ODM,
in BONOSS stores now.

BONOSS BMW M5 F90 Wheel Stud Conversion Kit BONOSS Forged Stud Conversions


Forged Titanium Ti6Ai4V Material

BONOSS Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion applies high-strength Aerospace-grade Ti6Ai4V alloy and are made by modern 0.02mm machining. They feature great fatigue strength and tensile strength, hard and high-temperature resistance. Even at extreme temperatures up to 400 to 500°C, they maintain great performance. BONOSS Titanium wheel studs are fully TÜV ISO standard test reports certificated, truly guarantees safety: Tensile Strength ≥ 1,080Mpa, Ultimate Tensile Load ≥ 138,800N, Proof Load ≥ 104,000N and Hardness(Vickers) ≥ 347.

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BONOSS Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for BMW M5 F90 (2)
BONOSS Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for BMW M5 F90 (7)

About 48% Weight Reducing

Each BONOSS Titanium BMW M5 wheel stud conversion weights about 62g. A kit of Titanium stud conversions weight about 1240g while a set of common wheel bolts weight about 2350g (in the same length, thread, and seat type). Compared with the common wheel bolts, the weight of BONOSS Titanium stud conversion is reduced by about 48% on average, and the lightweight effect is more direct. (All the data comes from BONOSS laboratory.) Lighter spring weight can reduce fuel consumption and energy loss, and effectively improve driving performance, which is why most racing cars choose Titanium alloy parts.

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More Color Options

BONOSS Titanium BMW M5 F90 wheel stud conversion kit is designed to improve appearance and performance. When the stud conversions correctly lock the wheels, the remaining part is exposed, adding a more aggressive and noticeable lug exposing appearance. Besides, they are Titanium original/Nitrogen-blue/Coffee-golden layer coloring, which matches the style of the wheels very well, greatly enhancing the overall style of your BMW F90. A thin oxide (TiO2, titania) layer gives them extraordinary corrosion resistance ability. Each stud conversion is processed Hard-Anodized/Polished surface treatment, smooth 100%, with no scratches.








BONOSS Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for BMW M5 F90 (3)
BONOSS Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for BMW M5 F90 (1)


Over 10 TÜV Authoritative Certifications

The TÜV is the world’s famous inspection, verification, testing, certifications. So far, BONOSS has achieved excellent scores in numerous TÜV test items.

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