BONOSS Forged Titanium Lock Wheel Bolt 1100 Series (Titanium) for Audi RS3

Audi RS3

Detail Listing:
BONOSS Forged Titanium Lock Wheel Bolt 1100 Series (Titanium color), BBS RID Wheels

PCD: 5×112 CB: 57.1
Surface: Bolt
Thread Type: M14x1.5
Length: 27mm
Seat Type: Ball Seat (Modified conical seat)
(Pay attention: the reason why the customer choose conical seat bolts is according to the wheels, the bolts seat type should match the wheel seat type)

Behind the large facade of the air inlet is a 400 hp turbocharged five-cylinder engine that provides power for fast automatic gearboxes and skilled full-wheel drive systems.

Most Audi owners choose to refit wheels, probably wheels don’t match headlights. There are countless well-known wheel brands in the aftermarket market. From HRE to BBS brands, owners choose their own hub bolts, but like the Audi RS3 owner, choose BBS forged wheels with BONOSS forged titanium wheel lock bolt 1100 series, high-end Audi with high-end wheels, and high-end wheels with high-end titanium alloy bolts, Material performance outstanding titanium alloy protect driving.

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BONOSS Titanium Lock Wheel Bolts 1100 Series

The principle is to process the shape of the anti-theft bolts into an irregular outer diameter shape, the wheels can only be removed with a removal tool. Let the thief be unable to start with ordinary disassembly tools. Different kinds of anti-theft bolts have different kinds of shapes that match a particular tool. BONOSS Titanium Lock Bolts 1100 Series adopts special security technology and titanium material, BONOSS provides the product with “BONOSS” logo special socket. Nowadays, Titanium primary color and Nitrogen Blue are available.

The product adopts Ti6AI4V Titanium Alloy which has a strong material structure. Such alloys have very high tensile strength and toughness (even at extreme temperatures). They are light in weight, have extraordinary corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. However, the high cost of both raw materials and processing limit their use to military applications, aircraft, spacecraft, bicycles, medical devices, jewelry, highly stressed components such as connecting rods on expensive sports cars, and some premium sports equipment and consumer electronics.

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Why choose titanium material?

Lighter is better. Theoretically, reducing unsprung weight helps a car’s suspension system work more effectively. It can also provide sharp and enjoyable steering, enhancing wheel structure performance. The less mass of unsprung, the better behavior of the overall ease of acceleration and handling capabilities for a vehicle, especially in the comparison of racing event or competition. BONOSS forged Titanium lock wheel bolts apply Titanium alloy material, which is not only corrosion-resistant but also much stronger and lighter than some steel lug bolts that results in a drastic decrease in rotational mass of the wheel.


Core integrity and precision machining provide products of high strength and strong performance in the industry. Derived from our 10+ years of practical measurement experience, countless times of actual measuring, drawing updates, size precision upgrades, installation tests, we have built our own database of each vehicle selling on the market, and it’s still being updated continuously. Products designed with precise data not only offer a perfect install experience but also guarantee safety.

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Additional Information:

  • BONOSS Titanium Lock Bolts 1100 Series length can be customized flexibly, which is compatible with most vehicles. Thus, if you would like different sizes of wheel bolts, feel free to contact us. This Audi RS3uses front 27mm (1’’), rear 27mm (1’’), PCD 5×112, CB 57.1, (BBS Wheels) conical seat M14×1.5.
  • The BONOSS Titanium Lock Bolts 1100 Series are gasket structure design, which effectively eliminates the bolts loosening and abnormal sound caused by the PCD hole coaxially deviation between hub and shaft head. This Audi RS3 uses (BBS Wheels) Conical seat M14×1.5 bolts. If you would like a set of titanium bolts, please ensure the seat type of the bolts is suitable for threading tightly. And, if you don’t know the proper length, you are welcomed to contact our tech staff freely.
  • Each BONOSS product is printed with the logo of “BONOSS”. This offers an easy method to distinguish other fake and inferior products. At the same time, it also provides a way to find our after-sales service. Our products are 12 months Limited Warranty, which is an excellent and cost-effective choice for your car upgrades.

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