If you own the new Cadillac CTS and want to customize the look and performance, installing wheel spacers is a popular modification. But is it safe and what spacer is best for the CTS? In this post we’ll look at the key things to know before installing wheel spacers on your CTS.

Safety First – Is it Safe to Drive with CTS Wheel Spacers?

When properly installed, quality wheel spacers are a safe modification for your Cadillac CTS. However, you need to take care in selecting the right spacer and having it professionally installed. Things to keep in mind:

  • Only use hub-centric spacers specifically designed for the CTS. This ensures even load distribution and stability at high speeds.
  • Stick to high-strength aluminum spacers.
  • Proper spacer size is critical – consult your owner’s manual for limitations.
  • Have a certified shop do the install and perform an alignment after. Improper installs may lead to vibration, poor handling, and wheel spacer failure.

Follow those guidelines and wheel spacers will be safe for everyday driving as well as occasional spirited driving. Just don’t overdo it on size and be diligent on maintenance.

How Do CTS Wheel Spacers Affect Ride Quality?

Installed properly, a quality wheel spacer should not negatively impact your Cadillac’s ride. Here’s what to expect:

  • You can feel better ride quality.
  • Improved handling. This leads to a more engaged, responsive feel from behind the wheel.

So you can enjoy the improved stance, handling, and ride comfort. Keep spacer size modest – 15-25mm is plenty.

Anyone Runs Wheel Spacers on the 2024 Cadillac CTS?

Why BONOSS Wheel Spacers Are the Best for the CTS?

With so many wheel spacer brands available, I chose BONOSS for my CTS for these reasons:

  • Precision CNC-machined from 6061T6 or 7075T6 aluminum for light weight and strength.
  • Hub-centric design guarantees vibration-free fitment and no damage to wheel bearings.
  • Anodized coating resists corrosion and allows easy install/removal.
  • More affordable than many brands but better quality.
  • Confidently backed by BONOSS 10-year warranty.
  • Exactly engineered and tested for the CTS – no guesswork needed.

The precision engineering gives me confidence in the safety and reliability of BONOSS spacers. And their affordable pricing lets me run spacers without breaking the bank.

For anyone wanting to perfect the look and handling of their new CTS, I highly recommend BONOSS wheel spacers. They are simply the best choice for safely and affordably converting your ride.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to chat more about getting the right wheel spacer setup dialed in on your new Cadillac. Enjoy customizing and personalizing this awesome luxury sedan.