BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus 2022 BMW i4 Wheel Spacers Do 12mm Wheel Spacers Need Longer Bolts

The 2022 BMW i4 extended wheel bolts are designed to secure the wheels when adding wheel spacers. Simply, they go from the wheel through the brake rotor cap and directly threaded into the vehicle hub, locking everything in place. They are made with extra thread length which allows you to run rims with spacers and still have enough thread to be fastened. Even you run 5mm wheel spacers, you need 2022 BMW i4 extended wheel bolts. If you have installed wheel spacers and used stock wheel bolts, don’t be fooled by the fact that visually the wheel is securely fastened. In fact, the stock wheel bolts can only secure the wheels properly. Wheel spacers will reduce the thread length. It is very dangerous to run wheel spacers with stock wheel bolts. That is why we always recommend 2022 BMW i4 extended wheel bolts for spacers because you don’t want to take a chance on one of your wheels falling off.

What 2022 BMW i4 Extended Wheel Bolts Do I Need?

The 2022 BMW i4 extended wheel bolts vary in length, seat type, and material. It’s easy to figure out the correct length, all you need is to do the math. Here is a simple formula: stock bolt length + spacer thickness = extended wheel bolt length. For instance, if your stock wheel bolts are 27mm long and you get 12mm wheel spacers installed, then you would need 39mm wheel bolts to keep safe. Considering the interference of wheel lug holes, there can be a little longer. Anyways, it’s always best to measure from the wheel bolt you’re currently using.

The second is the seat type. Typically, it is the same seat type as the stock bolts you’re using. Since aftermarket wheels come with various seat types, it is necessary to check the seat type before purchasing. There are three common-used types of 2022 BMW i4 extended wheel bolts: conical wheel bolts, ball wheel bolts, and flat wheel bolts. Equipping your vehicle with the correct wheel bolts is very important to ensure the safe and reliable mounting of the wheels.


2022 BMW i4 extended wheel bolts are very important parts to lock your wheels by a clamping force. If the wheel bolts are not strong enough to support this force, they will likely be bent by road impacts. Most BMW wheel bolts are made of steel or Titanium. BONOSS Forged 2022 BMW i4 Extended wheel bolts are made of high-strength SCM440 steel alloy. They have fully SGS, TÜV ISO Grade 12.9 certified, tensile strength≥1,282Mpa, limited life range test≥2,000,000 stress cycles without damage, ultimate tensile load≥152,000N, hardness (HV)≥395.

On the other hand, Titanium 2022 BMW i4 extended wheel bolts will ensure a safe thread engagement while reducing the unsprung weight. They are fully TÜV ISO standard test reports certificated, truly guarantee safety: Tensile Strength≥1,080Mpa, Ultimate Tensile Load≥138,800N, Proof Load≥104,000N, and Hardness(Vickers)≥347. For performance cars, Titanium wheel bolts will be the best option. Only choose the right hardware and installed it correctly, your wheel upgrades will be safe and beneficial.