BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) believes that a good, uniquely valuable product is not only a form, a technique, or a vision, but also a communication of thoughts and the convey of culture. The immanency should have unique market penetration, communication and promotion strength. The appearance style should be international, fashion and advance. Such internal and external meticulous grinding, excellent and valuable product design is strong and competitive.

Since our establishment, we have always insisted on independent design and continuous optimization to design automobile wheel accessories(including wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel lug nuts, etc.) with stronger performance, more functions and better customer experience.

Our Design Concept Follows:BONOSS more professional in design

1. Safety First

Safety is the core premise of all mechanical design. We sincerely believe in this principle. Whether it is wheel spacers, wheel bolts, or wheel lug nuts, it is directly related to driving safety. From the most basic theory to actual drawing and mapping, we all endow a meticulous heart and strict requirements. Each of our designs is verified by real safety tests, never design with baseless theory. Yet, designing without considering safety is a dangerous behavior that must be resisted.

2. High Performance

BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) has always insisted on the design principle of high performance. We believe that only high-performance products can bring more experience as well as more value to customers. To express high performance more directly and objectively,
we follow high standards (ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS), using various authoritative test report data, digitally present product quality and performance achievement. It is our way to clearly convey our understanding and interpretation of performance to customers.

3. Innovative Functionality

BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) believes that functionality refers to the efficient completion of core functions and the diversity of additional functions. For example:

Our active cooling wheel spacers are based on the traditional conventional wheel spacers, adding the heat dissipation design to achieve the function of active cooling. The cooling grooves use symmetrical design, whether it is on the left wheel or the right wheel, driving forward or reversing, the purpose of cooling can be normally and effectively achieved. The front end of the cooling grooves is designed with air collecting grooves, which can effectively increase the airflow, meanwhile, facilitating the disassembly of the wheel spacers. These are the functions that traditional conventional wheel spacers cannot achieve.

Our lightweight plus wheel spacers are based on the traditional conventional wheel spacers, improve lightweight structure treatment to achieve the function of reducing weight. Compared with the previous product before the upgrade, the weight is reduced by about 20% on average, and the lightweight effect is more direct.

We also designed easy disassembly grooves, knurling structure with better heat dissipation performance on the basis of traditional wheel spacers to further enhance the functionality of our products.

BONOSS more professional in design 4. Advanced Appearance

Keep up with the trend, BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) also believes that outstanding appearance is not only a way of expressing the user’s personality but also a pursuit of beauty and an attitude of loving life. Our black hard anodized design is not only stylish and fashion, but also durable and anti-corrosion. We will continue to pay attention to popular beauty and listen to customers’ voices. Improve our expression of beauty.

5. Focus Wholeheartedly

BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) has always been focusing on automobile wheel accessories (including wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel lug nuts, etc.). Whether it’s wheel spacers or wheel bolts, wheel lug nuts, we all put great effort into designing, processing, and truly wholeheartedly producing products. We are keen on our work and choices. We love our customers and friends. From the bottom of our hearts, we are eager for continuous improvement, eager for more users’ smiles and more goodness.