Can I Customize Accurate 1-inch Off-road Wheel Adapters for 2020 Nissan NP300-xu

BONOSS often receives custom orders from customers all over the world. 1-inch off-road wheel adapters are the most common custom products. Most customers need wheel adapters to convert purchased aftermarket off-road wheels. We will introduce common custom orders, common wheel lug pattern conversion data, and how BONOSS will customize high-quality hub-centric 1-inch off-road wheel adapters to meet customer requirements.

What Is the Lug Pattern for 1-inch Off-road Wheel Adapters?

Whether a professional off-road player or a beginner, BONOSS will ask you for specific information about the vehicle and the aftermarket off-road wheels you buy, including the lug pattern, wheel width, offset, etc., of the aftermarket off-road wheels. This detailed information is beneficial for customizing the 1-inch off-road wheel adapters. BONOSS has a database of lug patterns for different brands, series, and years of vehicles.

According to the BONOSS database, the lug pattern and the center bore of the 2020 Nissan NP300 are 6×4.5 (114.3) and 66.1mm, respectively. According to the off-road wheels lug, pattern and center bore 6×5.5 (139.7), 106.25mm provided by the customer, the 1-inch off-road wheel adapters need to customize to be 6×4.5 to 6×5.5, 66.1 to 106.25. The diameter of the pitch circle and the inner and outer diameter of the center bore of the wheel adapters can be changed at the same time, and many customers from Middle East countries, Southeast Asian countries, and Australia choose to convert this common lug pattern.

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Are 1-inch Off-road Wheel Adapters Safe for 2020 Nissan NP300?

The 1-inch off-road wheel adapters are designed to fit lug pattern off-road wheels. Wheel adapters will use the stock lug pattern data to customize the nuts that hold the wheel adapter on the hub assembly. The wheel studs will be customized according to the lug pattern of the aftermarket wheels, and the wheels will pass through these wheel studs. You can choose between aftermarket or stock lug nuts to hold the wheels. The wheel adapters are still structured to transfer the body’s weight through the hub-centric, and the tires will be the main body of force.

You can choose 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 forged aluminum alloy to customize your 1-inch off-road wheel adapters. 6061-T6 is considered reliable as a common material, and after forging, its tensile and yield strengths can reach 42,000-45,000 psi and 35,000-40,000 psi, respectively. 7075-T6 is the higher variant, exceeding 6061-T6 by approximately 40% in tensile and yield strength figures, and you can choose a high-performance material for your 1-inch off-road wheel adapters.

Hub-centric allows the wheels to remain concentric with the rotor at all times. 1-inch off-road wheel adapters must have the correct center hole diameter to ensure that the wheels and hub assembly do not shake. BONOSS custom wheel adapters are multi-stage hub-centric, where multiple rings of different diameters connect the center hole for a complete structure. The CNC machine in the independent factory is capable of machining 1-inch off-road wheel adapters with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. The larger the contact surface of the center hole, the higher the static friction generated and the less the possibility of shaking.

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