I’m toying with the idea of getting some wheel spacers for my Defender 110, and I’m interested if anyone here has used them. How do they change the performance, handling, and look of your vehicle?

Benefits of Defender 110 wheel spacers

I’ve found out that wheel spacers can make your Defender 110 more stable, clear, and attractive by increasing the track width and moving the wheels outwards. This can give your vehicle a more sturdy and strong look, as well as improve the steering lock and avoid rubbing issues with bigger tires. Wheel spacers can also make your vehicle handle and corner better by reducing body roll and increasing the grip.

Anyone run Defender 110 wheel spacers?

Types of Defender 110 wheel spacers

There are different types of wheel spacers available for your Defender 110, such as aluminum, steel, hub-centric, or lug centric. Aluminum wheel spacers are lighter and more corrosion-resistant than steel ones, but they are also more expensive and less durable. Steel wheel spacers are heavier and stronger than aluminum ones, but they are also more prone to rust and imbalance.

Hub-centric wheel spacers are designed to fit snugly on the hub of your vehicle, ensuring a smooth and vibration-free ride. Lug-centric wheel spacers are cheaper and easier to install than hub-centric ones, but they rely on the lug nuts to center the wheels, which can cause wobbling and noise.

Compatibility and fitment of Defender 110 wheel spacers

When you want to install wheel spacers on your Defender 110, you need to consider some important factors, such as how many and how they are arranged, the size of the hole in the middle, how far they stick out, and how thick they are. These factors are called the bolt pattern, center bore, offset, and width.

The bolt pattern is how many bolts or studs there are on your vehicle’s hub and how they are spaced. The center bore is how big the hole is in the middle of the wheel spacer or wheel. The offset is how much the wheel spacer or wheel moves away from the mounting surface. The width is how much the wheel spacer adds to the thickness of the wheel.

To choose the right wheel spacers for your Defender 110, you have to check that they fit the bolt pattern and center bore of your vehicle and the wheels you want to use. You also have to check that the wheel spacers do not make the wheels too wide or too far out, so that they do not touch the brakes, tires, fenders, or suspension of your vehicle. You may have to use longer lug nuts or bolts to attach the wheels on the spacers.

If you are not sure how to check these factors, you can get help from a professional mechanic or a trusted wheel spacer maker or seller. They can help you find the best wheel spacers for your Defender 110 based on what you want and need.

Anyone run Defender 110 wheel spacers?

Where to buy quality Defender 110 wheel spacers?

If you are looking for high-quality, high-performance and perfect fitment wheel spacers for your Defender 110, you can consider BONOSS Defender 110 wheel spacers. They are one of the most affordable and versatile options among quality wheel spacers. You can also choose other brands, it’s up to you.

But BONOSS Defender 110 wheel spacers are made of forged AL7075-T6 spacers with black anodized coating to prevent rust and corrosion. They also offer AL6061-T6 spacers which are cheaper but also safe enough to use. AL7075-T6 are aluminum alloy that have tensile strength 74,000-78,000 psi (510-538 MPa), yield strength 63,000-69,000 psi (434-476 MPa), elongation 5-8%, E=72GPa, v=0.33. You can use forged anodize AL7075-T6 spacers off-road and on highways with confidence. They have been certified by SGS and TUV, and have been used and tested by millions of customers.

BONOSS Defender 110 wheel spacers are multi-stage hub-centric. They are better than ordinary hub-centric spacers, because they can fit the hub bore snugly without any gap and avoid noise and vibration problems. How do multi-stages help to fit tighter? If you look at the hub bore and wheel bore, you will see the stages and chamfers that match these shapes.