If you’re a 2024 Lexus owner looking to give your ride a more aggressive stance, installing wheel spacers is a popular modification. But a common concern is whether using wheel spacers can throw off your wheel alignment. The short answer is, it depends on the type of spacer and how it’s installed.

What do 2024 Lexus wheel spacers do?

Wheel spacers are circular metal plates that bolt between your wheel and hub. They push the wheels outward to make the stance wider. The most common reasons for using spacers are for:

  • Improved stance – Pushing the wheels out makes the car look lower, wider, and more aggressive. This is purely for aesthetics.
  • Larger brakes – If you upgrade your brakes, the caliper and rotor may not clear the stock wheels. A small spacer creates clearance for larger brakes.
  • Wheels with incorrect offset – If you buy aftermarket wheels with the wrong offset, a spacer can correct it so the wheels fit properly.

Do 2024 Lexus wheel spacers affect alignment?

Wheel spacers can throw off alignment if:

  • They are installed improperly and allow the wheel to wobble.

However, with a proper installation using hubcentric spacers that center the wheel precisely, your alignment should not be affected.

Do 2024 Lexus wheel spacers mess up alignment?

Proper 2024 Lexus wheel spacers installation

Here are some tips for installing spacers without messing up your alignment:

  • Use hubcentric spacers that match your hub size. This centers the wheel accurately.
  • Torque all bolts to spec with a calibrated torque wrench.

What type of 2024 Lexus wheel spacers are best?

For a 2024 Lexus, I recommend using high quality hubcentric spacers in black.Avoid universal or thin junky spacers. Get spacers designed specifically for your Lexus model’s bolt pattern, hub size, etc.

After researching spacer brands for a 2024 Lexus, I recommend BONOSS for several reasons:

  • Precision CNC machined from 6061T6 aluminum – extremely strong.
  • Anodized in black for good looks and corrosion resistance.
  • Precisely hubcentric with correct bore size to center the wheel perfectly.
  • Available in multiple sizes from 5mm to 50mm for fine tuning fitment.
  • 10 year warranty from BONOSS brand trusted by enthusiasts.

For giving your 2024 Lexus a perfect aggressive stance, BONOSS wheel spacers are simply the best choice. The quality, fitment, and durability make them well worth the price. Just ensure proper installation to avoid issues. Your Lexus will look amazing!