4 lug wheel spacers are designed to improve the handling and performance of vehicles that use 4 lug wheels. This is done by adding proper thickness spacers on the wheels. Properly spacing your wheels out a few millimeters is a way to enhance handling. By increasing the track width, the contact points of tires are expanded, which results in more stability and smoothness. This also improves the rollover resistance.

Having the right tires on your car can also increase handling. High-performance tires are the best option if you want to increase handling. However, most of the performance tires are wider in size than standard ones. That is why you need 4 lug wheel spacers to create more clearance for accommodating bigger wheels and tires. Wider tires and proper wheel spacers are ideal for improved handling. A car with perfect handling gives satisfaction to the driver and makes the drive safe and enjoyable.

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Will 4 Lug Wheel Spacers Help with Aftermarket Components?

For many enthusiasts, the use of aftermarket shock absorbers, coilovers, and 4-lug wheel spacers provides a more cost-effective reduction in body roll. Aftermarket coilovers make your ride height adjustable. A car with a lower center of gravity will handle better thanks to reduced roll and more even tire loading. However, if you lower the vehicle body, there is potential rubbing on parts or tires. By pushing the wheels further out, a set of 4 lug wheel spacers will clear these issues easily. This is good for road handling.

Aerodynamics can also affect your car’s handling. That is why people would like to add a wide-body kit to their vehicles. The faster your car goes, the more downward force it creates. Cars use this force to increase handling. If your wheels are not ideal to achieve a perfect aero stance, 4 lug wheel spacers will be the solution. They are installed between the hub assembly and wheels, so your wheels can be located outward significantly, and you have a “stance” car.

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Can I Change My 4 Lug to A 5 Lug?

Yes, with the help of wheel adapters, you can change 4 lug to a 5 lug. The 4 lug to 5 lug wheel adapters have two bolt patterns or PCDs. One set is made to the vehicle specification and the other set is machined to the wheel lug pattern. For example, a 4×100 to 5×120 wheel adapter will fit on vehicles whose bolt patterns are 4×100 and the wheels with 5×120 lug patterns. They act as the extensions of the vehicle hubs. So, you can mount different wheels on your car, regardless of the bolt patterns.

Most 4 lug to 5 lug wheel adapters are hub-centric for a firm and stable wheel connection. Furthermore, hub-centric wheel spacers are capable to transform lug-centric wheels into hub-centric ones. For example, if you want to convert a 56.1mm center bore to 72.5mm, hub-centric 56.1mm to 72.5mm wheel adapters will be the solution.