Will wheel spacers cause any damage to your vehicle? Do you need to adjust your car after installing wheel spacers? These are common worries about wheel spacers. The short answer to the problem is, as long as they are measured accurately, made of high-quality materials, and installed correctly, there’s no impact on your vehicle. As for the specific reasons, this article will tell you.

How Do Wheel spacers Work?

To understand why wheel spacers have no influence on your vehicle, you have to know about the working fundamental of wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are fitted to the axle with the countersunk lug nuts or special matching wheel bolts, and then the wheels are bolted to the hub with stock lug nuts/wheel bolts as if the wheel spacer is a new axle hub. That is to say, the wheel spacer is a double-head connection structure, which increases the stability and safety of vehicle.

There are two kinds of wheel spacers in daily use – slip-on spacers and bolt-on spacers. Slip-on wheel spacers mean the spacer is just placed through the studs or bolts, and there is no other set of lug nuts/wheel bolts to fit them on the axle. This type of spacer is usually used on small-size sedans, and the thickness will not be too thick because they cannot stand the high load. On the contrary, bolt-on wheel spacers are double-head designed as what’s mentioned above. Most vibration, rubbing, or breaking problems can be reduced to the minimum.


Do Wheel Spacers Affect Your Drive?

As long as you comply with the following guidelines, you won’t meet any problems while you using them.

Accurate Measurement. This is the first step to ensure your driving safety. Even though the same models, there’s also some subtle difference in the PCD, CB, and thread type. Especially when you do some modifications on your vehicle, such as brake, suspension, fender flare, wide-body kit, and aftermarket wheels. All of these alterations relate to the thickness of wheel spacers.

Qualified Products. Don’t cut corners on auto accessories since any small failure might result in irreversible consequences. The materials used to produce wheel spacers, matching studs, lug nuts, and wheel bolts should all be high-performance. Generally, aluminum is an ideal material for wheel spacers because it has excellent yield strength, tensile strength, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, toughness, and hardness. Besides, forged spacers will be more stable and pure than casting ones. Make sure you buy high-quality wheel spacers from a professional manufacturer.

Moderate Torque. This is what most people will misunderstand. According to our inertial thinking, the higher torque we apply on the lug nuts/wheel bolts, the safer the wheels will be. It’s definitely wrong! Too much over-torque put on the nuts/bolts will overpass the fatigue strength of them and lead to break. Too loose and too tight will all cause accidents. So carefully check the specified torque on the user manual, and use a formal torque wrench instead of the high-pressure impact wrench if you own an ordinary vehicle except for trucks. Don’t forget to recheck the sports pose after installing the spacers.

To summarize, qualified and correctly-installed wheel spacers will not affect your drive. In fact, many discourses on the Internet are blamed for the careless selection or installation, but they’re not willing to admit the fact. Don’t be confused by rumors online. The only thing you could believe all the time – professional and quality worth more than themselves. There’s a great cut on the high-performance wheel spacers and the matching nuts/bolts during Black Friday Sale 2021, don’t miss the rare chance to upgrade your vehicle!