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A focus on EV (Electrical Vehicle) is its range. The EPA rating record is broken by the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition with 520 mi, which surpasses the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan, to break the stereotype of Tesla rip-off. Many Lucid Air owners will opt to modify their sedans to gain a sporty appearance and enhanced performance as well. 2022 Lucid Air equipped with long-range of 520mi and strong horsepower of 111 hp, and even optimized with a wider track and smoother driving experience, is an ideal option for customers looking for a performance luxury EV sedan. What’s the specific benefits wheel spacers bring to 2022 Lucid Air all-electric vehicle? How to install Lucid Air wheel spacers to ensure safe driving? Just continue reading!

 The Benefits Wheel Spacers Take To 2022 Lucid Air

Remedy Rubbing Issues. Mod enthusiasts of Lucid Air are likely not satisfied with a single modification. Common alterations on Lucid Air are brake kits, suspension system, lowering spring, body kits, and wheels and tires. Any action will probably change the relation between each component. Of course, you’d better do these under professional guidance, among which wheel spacer is a cost-effective way to remedy the improper relationship. Generally, upgraded accessories are larger than stock ones and need more clearance to be in the proper place. Installing wheel spacers can move the wheels of Lucid Air further out from the axle hub to provide the necessary space. This accessory can be an affordable alternative for the new-offset Lucid Air aftermarket wheel.


Allowing Larger Wheels. Aftermarket wheels will be a popular mod on 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance since the 20’’ forged wheels are designed with a low profile to maximize the handling performance with the cost of noise and components damage on coarse surfaces. To upgrade wheels with wider sidewall, the rubbing problems against the wheel arches will definitely occur because the truck of 2022 Lucid Air is designed with notable low-height chassis. By putting the wheels out at a moderate distance, the trouble can be easily solved.

Widening The Track. If you’re addicted to racing cars, a wider track width cannot be ignored. The handling improvement is obvious after widening the track width, which must be moderated by professionals of course. Moderate thickness of wheel spacer is a straightforward way to achieve this. Ensuring you choose the correct thickness by measuring the wheel gap, thread length, and the ET of wheels, then without safety risk, your 2022 Lucid Air can get stable handling while driving on rough surfaces or going through the corners.

How To Correctly Install 2022 Lucid Air Wheel Spacers?

The correct installation is key to safety. In fact, many complaints about the safety of wheel spacers are most likely due to the wrong installation, instead of wheel spacers themselves. So do remember the following steps if you’re coming to have them for your Lucid Air or other models.


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  • Park your vehicle on level ground. Turn off the vehicle.
  • Pre-loosen the lug nuts or wheel bolts, to reduce the wheel load after lifting the truck.
  • Take off the wheels and clean the rust upon the axle with rust lubrication and a towel. The rust on the mating surface will impact the proper friction between them. Don’t forget to wipe off all the traces of lubrication on the components nearby.
  • Put wheel spacer on the mounting plate. The hub-centric wheel spacer is appreciated so that the center ring of the wheel spacer can match tightly with the axle hub. Use the matching lug nuts to fix the spacers to the axle plate with specified torque.
  • Put back the wheel. For Japanese-manufactured vehicles like Lucid Air, it’s easy to install the wheels. Just tighten your wheel with stock lug nuts applying proper torque. But if your vehicle’s wheel is fastened with bolts, you can insert an extension rod to keep the wheel on at first, pr install a set of stud conversion kits which is fastened to the axle on one end and the other end is used to fix the wheel with matching lug nuts.
  • Torque with the proper load. The torque to fasten the lug nuts or wheel bolts vary with brands, place of production, year, etc. Figure out the specified torque of your 2022 Lucid Air or others on the user manuals. It’s worth emphasizing that the pressure applied by the impact wrench is 3 to 5 times the required torque. So torque wrench with number marked is more appreciated.
  • Recheck the lug nuts by firing the vehicle. After installation, launch the vehicle the check the movement of wheels. If there is anything abnormal, repeat the above steps besides rust removal. If you’re not familiar with it, leave it to the car store.

2022 Lucid Air creates a range never seen before, which means the technology of electric vehicles has taken another step forward. More competitors in the EV industry can boost the tech to be more widespread and affordable. We love to witness the trend! We specialize in the performance enhancement to the auto industry, each deal and mod case is supported by professional measurement and is high-precision machined which reaches 0.02mm. Your safety can be protected here. Have a browse of our products. And please expect our big promotion of BLACK FRIDAY!