The matching nuts of BONOSS wheel spacer are used to fix the wheel spacer to the hub axle and to tighten with the originial studs.
The material of the nuts are high-strength alloy steel, forged process, ISO898-6 grade 10 standard performance, the surface Anti-Rust of the nuts were tested by a neutral salt spray(NSS) of ISO 9227 for 500 hours. Please refer to the test reports of relevant third-party authoritative testing institutions TUV and SGS.
The nuts head dimension of the BONOSS wheel spacer are HEX19. Therefore, the HEX19 socket should be selected for installation. The tightening torque is different for different threads and specifications. Please refer to the following data:
M12x1.25: 113NM(83.3Ft-tb)
M12x1.5: 113NM(83.3Ft-tb)
M14x1.25: 140NM(103.5Ft-tb)
M14x1.5: 140NM(103.5Ft-tb)