As shown in Figure A: When the length of the original stud protruding from the upper surface of the brake disc is greater than the thickness of the spacer, the original stud will protrude from the spacer plane after installed the spacer. When this happens, we must confirm:
1. Generally speaking, there will be small cavities between the PCD holes of the wheel to make wheel light weight. If the position and depth of these small cavities can completely accommodate the protruding stud from the plane of the spacer, the stud will not touch the wheel. In case, spacer can be installed normally.
2. If the small cavity on the wheel is not in the right position, or the depth is not enough, or there is no small cavity, then the original car studs should be cut short to prevent the protruding studs touching the wheel.
Note: There must be no contact with the wheel after the stud protrudes from the spacer plane, which will affect driving safety.