If you own a Nissan Frontier truck, you may be considering installing wheel spacers to give your vehicle a more aggressive stance. While wheel spacers can provide the look you’re going for, you need to carefully consider whether they are safe for your specific vehicle. In this post, we’ll look at what size Nissan Frontier wheel spacers are recommended, whether they are safe for 4×4 models, and why certain brands like BONOSS may be better choices.

What Size Nissan Frontier Wheel Spacers Are Safe?

Wheel spacers change the offset of your wheels, pushing them outward to sit wider than your stock setup. While you may be tempted to go with the biggest, boldest spacer option, bigger is not always better.

For most Nissan Frontier models, wheel spacers between 1-2 inches are considered safe. This size range gives you a wider, more aggressive look without pushing the limits. Stock offsets on Frontiers are generally around +15mm to +35mm. So with a 40mm wheel spacer, you could achieve a maximum offset of -5mm.

With any wheel spacer, make sure to check the quality and construction. A solid 1-piece spacer is best. Avoid stacked or adjustable spacers that use multiple pieces, as these tend to be less sturdy. Go with a spacer specifically designed to work with your make, model, and wheel size for proper fitment.

Are Nissan Frontier Wheel Spacers Safe For My Truck?

Are Nissan Frontier Wheel Spacers Safe For 4×4 Models?

Quality wheel spacers are safe for 4×4 Models. You need to be even more cautious with wheel spacers if you have a Nissan Frontier in a 4×4 configuration.

It’s also critical that any 4×4 spacer you choose is hub-centric. This makes sure it centers perfectly on your hub to avoid vibration. Hub-centric spacers reduce strain on components and lugs during hardcore driving. Don’t cheap out on generic spacers that are not hub-centric if you actually use your truck’s 4×4 system regularly.

Why Choose BONOSS Brand Nissan Frontier Wheel Spacers?

If you’ve settled on a safe and conservative 1-2 inch spacer for your Nissan Frontier, the BONOSS brand is a top choice. Here are a few reasons why BONOSS may be the best brand for Frontier wheel spacers.

  • Vehicle-Specific Design: BONOSS makes wheel spacers for specific makes and models, not generic one-size-fits-all spacers. Their Frontier spacers take your truck’s specs into account.
  • Quality Materials: BONOSS uses dense billet aluminum that is stronger than generic cast aluminum spacers. This reduces the chance of shearing or spacer failure.
  • Precise Machining: Computer-controlled CNC machining ensures each spacer is manufactured to precise tolerances for balanced fitment. No thin or uneven areas that lead to cracking.
  • Hub-Centric For All Wheels: BONOSS Frontier spacers properly center on your hub with any wheel type – stock or aftermarket. No vibrations or movement.
  • Anodized Coating: The anodized coating on BONOSS spacers resists corrosion from road salt, weather, and off-roading.
  • High-Strength Hardware: The ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs and ISO grade 10 lug nuts keep your spacer securely mounted with proper torque. No cheap generic hardware.

With attention to detail on material selection and manufacturing, BONOSS wheel spacers give you peace of mind on fitment and safety. You can install BONOSS spacers with confidence. Test-drive for any vibrations or rubbing, re-torque lugs after 100 miles, and inspect annually.